New Virus Bulletin VB100 Results

Discussion in 'other anti-virus software' started by vlk, Dec 4, 2005.

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  1. vlk

    vlk AV Expert

    Dec 26, 2002

    - avast
    - eTrust
    - QuickHeal
    - NOD32
    - AVG
    - Kaspersky
    - McAfee
    - Symantec

    - AVK

    The reason why so few products were tested is that the platform was Windows 2003 Server x64 Edition.
  2. Happy Bytes

    Happy Bytes Guest

    Yup. I did know this before writing this:

    Even if the test there was not performed on a 64Bit System it's a nice "contrast". :rolleyes:

    Problems with scanning infected floppy disks (not even one infected disk was detected) was the reason. This shows again the fact: You cannot only relay on bundled Engine SDK's (in this case Bitdefender and Kaspersky) because the
    lowlevel access is not included there (you have to provide this by yourself)

Thread Status:
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