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Discussion in 'other security issues & news' started by ajoy, Jan 16, 2005.

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  1. ajoy

    ajoy Registered Member

    Jan 15, 2005
    western Pa
    hi new to netHi new to the net, bought an open book value from circuit city and the virus and all protection went out of date after my 30 days of ownership,I have had problems but not sure if its the user or the machine. Got to major geeks site, I think that is how I eventually got to this....had spyware/adware and actually problems with norton by symantic so I got it removed. I am disabled and rely on this to keep me in touch, and on a very limited income, cant afford to buy software and need ideas and links to free stuff that is good, I am shocked at the abuse of the internet and if my time of warrenty hadn't elapsed I would have taken this back and got my money- God know I could use it. We were effected by the flooding here in Pa and lost almost everything , then my mom died, my baby was born a premee and is now autistic, so even if you cant help say a prayer, seems like we have been beaten up by life lately. Any ideas on nice sites, what to stay away from, and where to get free advise/help? I use yahoo and like it and my notebook is windows xp, Ithink there is a service pack2 not sure don't know a thing, learned on an apple2c in ,85 as a senior in highschool. thanks, Ajoy
  2. dog

    dog Guest

    Hi Ajoy, ;)

    First Welcome to Wilders' ;)

    To start off with Wilders' is an excellent source of Info for Security Related things.

    Another excellent resource is Eric Howes Site - Protecting Your Privacy & Security -

    There are many freeware applications to protect you. Many are listed on our sister site -

    The "Why did I get infected in the first place?" thread -
    Is a pretty good warm up to get you started.

    For basic PC Security ... You will need. (These are all free)

    Anti-Virus Program (1) -

    AVG -
    Antivir -
    Avast -

    Software Firewall (1) -

    Zone Alarm - Here
    (there are many free firewalls but Zone Alarm is probably the most novice friendly)

    Anti-Spy Programs (All listed) -

    Spybot -
    Ad-Aware SE -
    Spyware Blaster 3.2 & Spyware Guard 2.2 -

    Anti-Trojan Program (1) -

    Ewido -
    A2 -

    This will get you started. I'm currently @ work, so I can't give you a more detailed run thru, but this will certainly help. Feel free to ask more questions, or ask about anything you're not sure of. There are many people to help you out here.

    Welcome Again. ;)

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  3. dog

    dog Guest

    A few more to add - If you're using Interntet Explorer to browse the web.

    These two things will be of interest to you ... From the Eric Howes Site Mentioned above.
    An Introduction to Web Browser Privacy & Security -
    Securing IE -

    One of the best ways to have a more Secure Browsing Experience is to use a browser other than Internet Explorer, The two most popular are FireFox & Opera. They have many fewer Security flaws, and most importantly do not support Active X ... which is the common entry vehicle for malware & hijackings. FireFox is free, and Opera has a freeware version, that displays a generic ad in the browser toolbar.

    Firefox 1.0 -
    Securing FireFox -

    Opera 7.54u1 -
    Securing Opera -

    Host File - - With directions and description.

    More info on Internet Explorer from MVPs

    Ask away if you have any questions or need help ;) As long as the topic remains similar, post in this thread, so everyone will have a little background info on where we're at.

    Hope that Helps. ;)

  4. dog

    dog Guest

    Lastly, You inquired about where to get good information on Security. While I am biased, I think Wilders is the best. All the Security Forums Listed on ASAP ( The Alliance of Security Analysis Professionals) are all outstanding. ->

    Some of the best of those are (in no particular order):

    Castle Cops -
    Spyware Info -
    Tom Coyote -
    Net-Intergration -
    Gladiator Security -
    Bleeping Computer -

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