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    Team Emsisoft is proud to announce the official launch of Emsisoft Cloud Console, a web based-platform for centrally monitoring and managing Emsisoft’s endpoint protection products.

    Using Emsisoft Cloud Console, security administrators can deploy protection, manage device settings, enforce team policies and permissions, run malware scans, monitor protection status, respond to alerts, analyze forensic logs and review security reports.

    Full announcement:

    While the Cloud Console is mainly built for businesses with larger numbers of devices, some of the folks here who manage the antivirus of their relatives and friends may find this very useful too. :)

    It's free and can be used with all Emsisoft protection products for Windows. Give it a try at

    Please let me know what you think about it.
  2. guest

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    How to protect all of your family’s devices with Emsisoft Cloud Console
    June 19, 2020
  3. paulderdash

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    Under a bushel ...
    I just have a 3 device license, for my two laptops (EAM configured with several exclusions) and one for my wife (pretty much default).

    Has anyone switched to the Management Console in such a EAM Home scenario?
    Your recommendation - positive or negative experience? Any benefits?
  4. hamlet

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    I currently have a license for Emsisoft and am using the new console because that is what was enabled when I installed it in January. The management console isn't bad but is not super useful to me since I have just a single user license. I can see it being very helpful in a situation where one has two or more computers that could then be managed remotely. The way Emsisoft handles licenses now was confusing to me at the start. I ended up having to email support, who promptly replied and straightened things out for me.

    (Note - I temporarily uninstalled EAM this morning so I could test Microsoft's built-in AV --- not bad!)

    The management console is clearly in line with Emsisoft's move to make their software more attractive to business/corporate users. In my opinion, many or most of their monthly software upgrades for the past handful of months have been designed to serve the needs of business who want to have centralized control of anti-malware programs on their endpoints. Of course, I would do the exact same things if I was an AV company at the moment ... probably not a huge future in such programs for home users.

    EAM remains a great program and there is no better company or group of individuals working in the field. I am very happy to support them with my purchases.
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