NetVeda's unique approach to NAT/ICS and router config.

Discussion in 'other firewalls' started by Arup, Apr 8, 2005.

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  1. Arup

    Arup Guest

    Quoteing from NetVeda's mail:


    Safety.Net works below network layer so all the NAT or routed traffic will
    be statefully inspected (including content filtering). The internet Policies
    are applied to all traffic going thru internet adapters (local or routed
    from LAN). Additionally, you may use LAN Computer policies (by computer
    names/mac addresses/ip/subnet etc.) specific to network computers going thru
    your ICS. You can monitor the traffic in the network activity viewer (Lan
    Computers). One thing you can't police centrally (from ics computer) is the
    application specific controls for applications running on network computers.
    Otherwise you don't need to install Safety.Net on individual LAN computers.

    Hope this helps.


    NetVeda Support

    End Quote.

    This means, only the host machine would need to install the NetVeda firewall and all the machines on the LAN would be protected as well as controlled, this truly makes NetVeda unique in this sense and the only other software probably to my knowledge is Zone Alarm Pro which as a protect the ICS client feature but it does not come close to the control of NetVeda.
  2. Hi Arub....You seem to have a fondness for NetVeda too...I wish someone...with
    more than my limited knowledge ...would really put it thru the ringer with tests
    beyond the normal steathe scans, and leak tests... do the under the hood stuff.

    I was just trying killing the GUI and the FW rules are still in effect.
    But I did find one cling in the armor...copycat goes thru if you use firefox,
    now get this....NetVeda passes if you use IE.

    I ran out of tries with AFWT...I did pass all of those....but I'd like to have it
    double checked...I think maybe the reason I passed all ...was because I was
    using a mozella beta at the time.

    P.S. Don't let the Thuggees getcha
  3. Arup

    Arup Guest


    If you remove the learning tag from trusted DLL source, does Copycat get to execute? Also send this feedback to their support team at

    It is a comprehensive free solution with myriads of control so I like it for that reason and like Jetico, would like to see this one evovle into a good solution, as for tests, it can only be determined through a thorough hack test.
  4. Arub....if you mean if I have the "Activate component learning" unchecked
    Yes it is unchecked.....the only time copycat succeeds is when I am online
    with Firefox....all the rest of the ways..copycat fails. Netveda also passes the I see no lights flash when I test part 4.

    AW SHUCKS....and here I thought you were gonna comment on thuggees.

    Oh before I forget verify...sorta like a checksum?
  5. Arup

    Arup Guest

    If you mean the 19 century vagabonds tamed by General Sleeman, they are history, now we have global Thugees today operating on a much more sophisticated level and inflicting far more damage to many. It will take far more that Sleeman to bring this group down.
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