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    NETGEAR has determined that its XE103 Powerline Ethernet Adapters made for use in Europe and other countries using 220-240 volt power sources and sold individually or in a bundled kit may potentially create a safety concern. As such, NETGEAR has provided this tool for you to easily check your specific device. If your unit is affected, you will be provided further instructions.

    Please enter your XE103 serial number in the field below so that we can check your specific device. The serial number for the XE103 can be found on a label just beneath its electrical prongs. If you have multiple XE103 units, please make sure to enter the serial number from each unit.

    XE103 Powerline Ethernet Adapters sold in North America and other countries using 100-120 volt power sources are not affected by this recall. As an added precaution, NETGEAR advises against deploying them in 220-240 volt environments and will send you a new product label to that effect if you enter your serial number from such products below. In addition, if you have purchased a XE103-100NAS or XE103-100NAR product and are operating it in Europe or other countries using 220-240 volt power sources, please call your local NETGEAR customer service office
Thread Status:
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