NeoTracePro 3.25 pings Michigan every time why?

Discussion in 'malware problems & news' started by Richard Head, Mar 27, 2007.

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  1. Richard Head

    Richard Head Registered Member

    Mar 5, 2007
    this is my first post so I apologuise if there is some other place here better to ask this question anyway I have Neotracepro 3.25 and occasionally I will trace an IP and recently I noticed a ping going straight to Michigan near the big lake it does this on every trace. I am assuming every email I send is also going there and who knows what else but it never did this before and I did a whois on the node it is a private network behind a router (just like me) and thats all I can find out I ran every spyware virus program I own and its still there what is this it bugs the hell out of me?? (btw I asked my isp and they have no clue either) thanks
  2. beads

    beads Registered Member

    Jun 1, 2005
    It would help if you could be a little more specific than "Michigan" near the big lake (Superior is the largest and deepest lake) the other three that Michigan touches aren't exactly small either.

    Is there a particular IP address or block that comes up? An ISP? Web site? Someone's home xDSL line? Does NeoTracePro test something for connectivity first, as if to "phone-home"? Not familiar with the product but the board could use a bit more information before hazarding a guess.

    Likewise, if you have scanned for the usual baddies out there on this machine, have you tried this software on another machine and received the same results?


    - beads
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