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  1. jerryg

    jerryg Guest

    Hi All,

    Here is my issue. Everytime I enter a search in YAHOO! I get redirected to some sort of stange looking page. In order to get to the regular YAHOO! search results I need to scroll down and click on page 2. Furthermore, a small box appears in the top right hand corner of my monitor with a few results as well. This is only happening on my computer and no one elses I know, or my office computer. It is clearly a spyware issue. I have tried every removal application known to man and nothing has stopped this problem. If this sounds familiar, please help and e-mail me @ jerrygiaimis(AT)

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  2. Detox

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    Feb 9, 2002
    Texas, USA
    I think the best idea is to take a look over here in the forum section where our experts help clean these nasties. Please read the "how to" thread and post over there according to its directions :cool:

    Welcome to Wilders, BTW :D
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