Need bootable paragon rescue disk

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    Apr 14, 2014
    I've been backing up my laptop with Paragon B&R 2013. My laptop boots in safe mode, but can't boot in normal mode because of a persistent virus. I have a backup of my C drive on my D drive, but I can't restore it because I can't get Paragon to run from safe mode. I'm pretty sure I made a bootable rescue disk, but after hours of searching I concluded that it is lost. Argh ... panic time! I'd give my left nut for an iso image of a rescue disk I could boot to that would allow me to restore my C drive from the paragon backup. I couldn't find B&R 2013, so I loaded B&R 2014 on another computer thinking that would allow me to create the iso. But the directions for building the rescue disk say:
    • Depending on your system, install either a 32-bit or a 64-bit package of Recovery Media Builder add-on
    But then they don't say anything about how to do this or where to get this crucial add-on. Maybe it is my state of panic that I can't find this, but I have been pondering this for hours now. Perhaps the answer is in the Recovery Media Builder documentation, but I click on the documentation link and it just says "downloading" for about an hour, at which point I assumed it is never going to download. I've used several backup schemes over the years, and a bootable rescue disk was always easily available for downloading for situations like this, so I don't know why paragon is making life in a panic situation so difficult. If someone can help me out I would be ever so grateful!
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    Nov 17, 2011
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    The easiest way to get a boot medium is to burn a Linux one. Using a working computer, install Paragon B&R 13 or 14, go to the Paragon files in C: and look for the ISO files. Burn the ISO to a CD with a burner program, or build a boot USB Flash drive with Rufus. Try to boot with the Linux medium in your original computer, to see if it works.
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    If I recall correctly,
    You need to install and register the back & recovery 2014 in order to get the download and you also need to have an acct with Paragon. They will load it to your acct under "my download". Just create one if you don't have one. When you log in, in the middle of the page and on the left, there will be an item called "my download". Click it. There should be two media builders program 32 bit & 64 bit for you to download.
    If you have a 32 bit system with UEFT BIOS, Paragon's bootable program will not work as UEFT requires fat32 to boot but Paragon 32 bit media builder only formats to NTSF which I am having a problem with. Otherwise on my Vista & XP systems, the USB bootable flash drive worked great.
    I hope this helps.
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