Naoko 4.5-j Proximitron proxy in particular

Discussion in 'privacy technology' started by stalker, Jun 27, 2004.

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  1. stalker

    stalker Registered Member

    Jan 19, 2004
    Ljubljana, Slovenia
    I started using the latest Naoko Proximitron (june version), because of your replies in answer here:

    proxy software also on dial-up connection ??

    ... that I actually don't need that Java environment as ProxyKing requires.

    Again (like in case of altrnative shells), I can't understand what I was missing all this time. Naoko Proximitron rocks !!

    I have bunch of questions, if anyone is so patient to answer me, and knows Proximitron application.

    -- External Proxy

    1. Where you enter which External Proxy you want to use. The thing is help it is shown as hostname, so my question is is it possible to enter IP also ??

    Though I tried and as I remeber I was seing connections to hta IP with TCPview (from, though to some IP that I (later) discovered as "Failed" in HTTP-MessageLog.

    The thing is all IPs I tried (from various anonymus "Proxy-lists") ended "Failed". Some right away, for some I saw some processing (some lines added, yeah and I disabled all the logging), but in the end there were some "timeout" thing, or something..

    2. Is "local" part of Proximitron (the one filtering all connection) working also if External Proxy is selected ??
    What happens if there are two different settings for port (like for instance :8080) in main part, and after hostname in External Proxy window (for instance :80)

    3. I noticed I can't post on forums if using External Proxy (I thing in some cases wasn't even able to browse, Wilderssecurity site was one for example, I got that HTML code insted of page, though not 100% sure it was cause of External Proxy). What could I do, is it possible at all ??

    4. Maybe to add them in "Control Panel -- InternetOptions -- Settings -- Advanced -- Proxy Settings" under "Do not use proxy server for adresses beginnging with:" ??
    Yeah, and what to add there ??
    I suppose no www and com (and especially http part) ??

    Whole host names:

    so like: ... (for
    and like: webmail.volja ... (

    or only parts (no dots, etc.) ??

    like: freemail;ratrunner;webmail;volja;msn;hotmail;forums;winforums;wilderssecurity

    -- Firewall and Naoko:

    1. Do Naoko do some job for my software firewall (Zone Alarm Pro), meaning it block all that traffic before it even "comes" to firewall's Privacy Rules (adds/cookies,java,activeX,MIME, etc.) ??
    Firewall is sure needed for other stuff (app monitoring, other protocols), but it seems software proxy does a great job, mainly preventing anyting related to browser security.

    -- And one and only issue:

    After running it chaning various things (also tried ExternalProxy, etc.), and all was normal I suddenly couldn't browse anymore (Cannot find server, where all is "blocked" very quick, I suppose "locally"). And also "Bypass" doesn't help. I needed to set system to "not use proxy" in "Control Panel -- InternetOptions", to browse again. Yeah, (amazing) I did all that when connected with my dial-up connection, 10 minutes ago.
    This thing was happening to me for some time, also without proxy, but on previous Windows installation. On current it didn't happen yet.

    Yeah, and I use default rules, with one or two things UNCHECKED (with none additional rule-sets, entries)

    P.S., Anyway this is a whole new world for me. I need to study all this for few weeks to start asking "real" questions.
  2. ronjor

    ronjor Global Moderator

    Jul 21, 2003

    You could look at this resource for answers to a lot of questions.

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