n00b to the Privacy Game and would appreciate some help

Discussion in 'privacy general' started by I wanna be anon, Jan 5, 2003.

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  1. Hi all, I've been reading this website for a short while now and would like some info on what specific things I can do to protect my privacy. The only things I have running at the moment are the following:

    SpyBot - Search & Destroy 1.1 RC4
    AdPurger 2.51
    457kb HOSTS file from Smartin-Designs

    I use Internet Explorer 6 SP1 for browsing, and I have the Privacy slider set to Medium High. I've been reading some negative posts about the slider, though, are there any recommendations for settings you could give me? I frequently use vBulletin, phpBB and UBB forums, so I'd like to have those kind of cookies saved automatically, the ones that store my username and password. Most others I think I can do without, unless a specific site requires cookies (ie; Xbox.com) to even run properly.

    Also, I've been hearing alot about Proxies. Where is the best place to go to in order to research these a little bit? I understand the basic gist of how a Proxy works (client -> proxy -> server, etc.), but I don't know very much about actually using one. Would a Proxy add much complexity to standard internet usage? I ask this, as I have other people using the same computer and ease-of-use is high on the priority list.

    For internet security I currently use Grisoft AVG 6.0 - Free Edition and Sygate Personal Firewall (free). Hopefully that's enough information to get some advice, and any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.
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    Apr 27, 2002
    Hi anon ;)

    Welcome at Wilders.
    Please have a look at this site, that has screenshots about how and where to change your settings on the privacy tab.

    It was used to convince me in this thread: http://www.wilderssecurity.com/showthread.php?t=5326;start=0

    I´ll leave the proxy part for someone more knowledgeable in that field, but you can start reading up on it here: http://www.wilderssecurity.com/showthread.php?t=5940;start=0


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