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Discussion in 'NOD32 version 2 Forum' started by webwude, Sep 4, 2003.

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  1. webwude

    webwude Guest

    My personal wishlist:

    - option to enable Avanced Heuristic with the OnDemand Scanner and AMON
    - option to scan outgoing mails (IMON)
    - option to enable scanning in archives / UPX / otherwise packed files with AMON

    anything else ;) ?

    Greetings, ww

    P.S. It would be very nice, if someone superior would comment my wishlist :)
  2. spm

    spm Registered Member

    Dec 9, 2002
    I also support these requests.

    While I have read the arguments given on this forum that claim these facilities are not useful, I beg to differ (and therefore support webwude's requests).

    No A/V is foolproof - and that includes NOD32. Viruses will at some point get past it (either as a result of NOD32 not detecting a particular virus, or by user action). Company networks are particularly vulnerable, and ...

    (1) The ability of AMON to scan packed files will reduce the likelihood of viruses getting past. Now, don't be fooled - while NOD32 has received consistently good ratings at catching ITW viruses, it is just a matter of time before a re-packed virus gets past it.

    (2) The ability for IMON to scan outgoing mail could go a long way to restricting the propogation of e-mail borne viruses. Eset seem to be alone among the serious A/V players in believing there is no benefit to scanning outgoing e-mail.

    I do believe that NOD32 is one of the best A/Vs around (and it has served me and my company well), but it does have deficiencies, and I would like to see them rectified soon.

    Another request (or two) I would like to add is :

    - User-customisation of the notification appended to e-mails by IMON; and
    - Appending notifications to outgoing e-mails (given that IMON can be made to scan outgoing mails), also with customisation.

    One problem with IMON's current text is that is causes our server's spam filters to block incoming e-mails.
  3. webwude

    webwude Guest

    Nobody else with some wishes ?

    And something from the programmers ?

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