My PC issues with Akami NetSession!

Discussion in 'other software & services' started by ratchet, Nov 13, 2013.

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    Feb 20, 2006
    I'm posting this assuming it might actually help someone some day. August's, September's and October's Window's updates created PC freezing at boot. Specifically, the desktop would load minus about half of the notification icons and the USB keyboard and mouse frozen. I also noticed, even when Windows would load normally, a flashing "dash" like during cmds as part of the boot sequence which I was reasonably sure was new. However, it wasn't just limited to after updates. During about 10% of ordinary boots the same thing would occur. I'd force shutdown and then restart from Safe Mode but that didn't always work the first time. Other times, and again this wasn't consistently successful, I'd restore with a AX64 or Paragon image.
    It was also creating an issue with W7's backup tool. W7 could see the backup drive during imaging but not see it when attempting restore and there was always notifications about it not copying all the files. That is how I finally resolved the problem.
    I always ignored Window's "See what files..." but yesterday I decided to check. It brought up a UI and there was (if I remember correctly) a diagnostic tab. This opened this never ending graph of red Xs and warnings and every time I checked the details it only ever listed Akami NetSession. I new it was a start program but ignored it. After the research I found it was a p to p application that is sometimes bundled with software downloads. Read Adobe uses it e.g. It had a GUI which led to two files in it listed as "Forbidden". I don't know if they were the source of the problem or not but any removed NetSession and everything is back to normal!
Thread Status:
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