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Discussion in 'hardware' started by TerryWood, Jan 2, 2012.

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  1. TerryWood

    TerryWood Registered Member

    Jan 14, 2006

    I have Windows 7 64 bit and recently I have acquired a CD Icon as well as the DVD Icon.

    My Drive is a HP CDDVDW TS-H653R.

    Before I only used to see the DVD Icon.

    In Disk Management the DVD drive has the letter DVD (E): assigned to it along with CD0. In My Computer I have DVD Drive(E) and CD Drive (K)

    Can anyone explain where the CD Drive has come from and why it is not showing up in Disk Management.

    Also how do I get back to a single Icon for my DVD/CD Drive


  2. Raza0007

    Raza0007 Registered Member

    Mar 30, 2009

    I believe you installed a software that has installed a virtual CD drive on your system. If you right click on the CD drive icon, in my computer, it will give you an option to mount an image. Here you can mount any iso or other image files depending on which extensions the virtual drive supports.

    The only way I know of uninstalling it is from within the software that created it or uninstalling that particular software. Google virtual CD drive to see the list of softwares that have this ability, then see if you have one of those installed on your system.
  3. Ocky

    Ocky Registered Member

    May 6, 2006
    George, S.Africa
    Should that be the case, please have a look at this article on how to get rid of it.
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