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Discussion in 'Acronis True Image Product Line' started by Userz, Sep 6, 2008.

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    Sep 5, 2008
    Hi Everybody !

    I am French (so please excuse the mistakes I could make) and so far I have been a regular user of a backup solution powered by Acronis named "Cloneur Expert" (version eight), sold by Micro Application company in my country.

    This solution has just suited me well. But I thought it may be time to upgrade to a new version. So I decided to evaluate Acronis true Image 11.

    Everything has got well at the beginning. But after the first use, I have kept on having a message error saying that Acronis could not have exclusive access to the disk, so that every single operation (backup, restore, scheduled operations, mount image...) failed.

    So I have come here, trying to find the solution. By reading the posts, I have discovered that it was a matter of conflict with other softwares. I have found mine easily, it is "Disk Password Protection" by

    The latter provides a way to add a boot protection by password to boot partition and/or to hide a complete partition. As i paid for this software, I just did not want to stop using it. In fact, I could not have done it if I had wanted so, since disabling "Disk Password protection" protection failed as long as "True Image" was installed. There was a conflict with each other.

    I understand that there was little chance that the creators of "True Image" could have foreseen the case. But to me it is a mistake that they have chosen to force their software into trying to lock the hard disk for any operation. With former "Cloneur Expert", such thing did not happen and there is no conflict between the software and "Disk Password Protection".

    Considering the time of a backup (which proved longer in my system since I decided to create the Acronis Secure Zone in a RAID mirroring system), and because I have read that some antivirus may need to be deactivated as well, leaving my computer unprotected for backup for more than a hour while I am on the Internet is not an option to me. I do not understand the choice of the creators of True Image to make the locking of a partition compulsory, assuming the large number of softwares that may be running at the same time throughout a Windows session.

    Eventually, I had to go back to "Cloneur Expert". It was unfortunate in the sense that I was getting accustomed to the "Try&Decide" function, altough sometimes I forgot to apply changes (I never had any message from the software at the end of my session asking for it, by the way o_O )

    So this is it. I can just hope that for their next version, the creator of "Acronis True Image" will get rid of this particularity which generates conflicts. But I am looking forward for it, since I think that they have made a great and truly useful backup software, which with "Cloneur Expert" has saved my PC several times. ;)

    Keep on the good work guys !And thak you for existing !
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