Must Have Net Admin Tools

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    Sep 30, 2008
    As a net admin I am on the look out for must have utilities I can install on my laptop.

    Typically I go to a client with my company laptop and connect to their main Wireless or a hardwired network connection and browse to their server using admin shares (\\servername\driveletter$)

    What tools are must haves for you?

    Mine in no particular order:

    1. PuTTY for switches
    2. Astro Grep for searching network drives
    3. TreeSize Free for analyzing drives/partitions for free space
    4. Notepad ++ with Explorer plugin.
    5. vSphere v5.5 Client
    6. Remote Desktop Connection Manager for creating server groups and managing tabs
    7. Microsoft Remote Net Admin Tools. Mainly DHCP, DNS, Active Directory Users and Computers, DFS