Multiple System Partitions, Truecrypt and system encryption- How to set it up?

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    May 20, 2008
    Multiple Windows XP system partitions on a computer: (Actually just 2)

    Okay, I don't know how to correctly set up multiple system boot of 2 Windows XP OS's, but I do have 2 Identical Window XP OS's on the same computer. (1 as a backup OS)

    C Drive: (MAIN OS)
    D Drive: (OS)
    Master Boot Record=> Automatically Boots C: Windows XP

    Now, I don't know how to setup multiple choice on boot up, and it just automatically boots up Drive C: and in order to boot up Drive D:, I have to insert the Paragon Boot Disk which allows me to boot either Drive C: or D:.

    Okay, this was the easy part. 2 unencrypted OS's that I have the choice of booting.

    Now enter TrueCrypt System Partition:

    Same situation as above: 2 Hard disks, 2 system partitions. The difference is TrueCrypt system encryption.

    New Situation
    Drive C: (MAIN OS): Fully Encrypted
    Drive D: (OS): Still not encrypted
    Master Boot Record=> TrueCrypt BootLoader => Allows to load Encrypted C: Windows XP

    Now the question is, how do I Encrypt my 2nd Windows XP Drive D:, and keep my original Master Boot Record / Original TrueCrypt Boot Loader so I can primarily use Drive C:?

    I mean, let's say I Log into my 2nd Windows XP and Encrypt D: drive, then it will knock off my Current Master Boot Record, and I won't be able to log into C: drive.

    Does anyone know the solution to this?
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