MSAM found Trojan.93?

Discussion in 'malware problems & news' started by Tom772, Aug 6, 2005.

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  1. Tom772

    Tom772 Guest

    Hi all, i recently scanned mu comp with Microsoft Antispyware beta 1 and it found the following>

    Spyware Scan Details
    Start Date: 06/08/2005 20:26:03
    End Date: 06/08/2005 20:31:25
    Total Time: 5 mins 22 secs

    Detected Threats

    Unclassified.Trojan.93 Browser Modifier more information...
    Status: Removed
    Severe threat - Severe-risk items have an extreme potential for harm, such as a

    security exploit, and should be removed.

    Infected registry keys/values detected

    procServer32 C:\Program Files\ATI Technologies\ATI.ACE\atiacmxx.dll

    procServer32 ThreadingModel Apartment

    ogID Catalyst Context Menu

    peLib {5E2121EE-0300-11D4-8D3B-444553540000}

    rsionIndependentProgID Catalyst Context Menu

    SimpleShlExt Class

    I deleted these entries, but i have been unable to find any info on the net for this trojan! I would really like to know if this was a real threat or just a false positive? Also how did i get infected with this Trojan?

    I would really be greatfull for any advice/help

    thank you all,

  2. tom772

    tom772 Guest

    Hi again i found this at castle cops - would really like to know what the experts think at wilders about this??

  3. tom772

    tom772 Guest

  4. tom772

    tom772 Guest

    Re: MSAS found Trojan.93?

    Hi all, i have viist the (newsgroups)>;us

    It seems that quite a few are having this problem, as a result of the updated DAT files. I have reinstalled my ATI drivers, with MSAS showing the same result, i hope they fix this problem soon!!

    I posted on this site but ended up helping myself, oh well!! its probably best to scan your computer withother programs just to make sure.

    Take care

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