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  1. I down loaded your spyblaster. I think it will do a great job but as you advertised: Does not remove, just blocks.

    So, what do I need to remove a home page hijacker? I have been able to clean a lot out. But I keep going from Yahoo to MSN's homepage.

  2. Teesa

    Teesa Guest

    Go here and download HijackThis!
    it's an awesome program that will help you.

    Save HT! to your Desktop. Install it to your C:\Program Files, make sure it has it's OWN folder. Run it and click Save Log. You'll want to save it to your HT folder so you can find it easily. NOTE: each log saves with the SAME NAME ["hijackthis.log"] so if you want to keep them, change them to the date you scanned, and/or with a [1], [2], etc if you've done more than one in one day, otherwise, HT! overwrites previous logs.

    Do NOT fix anything on your own, MOST of the things that HT! finds are NOT HARMFUL to your puter. Go here: and paste your log. To do this:
    When you saved your log, Notepad automatically opened, right click your mouse in Notepad and click "Select All", right click your mouse again and click "Copy" then click your mouse in the box in the website I posted, right click your mouse and click "Paste". Then click the little tab under the box that says Analyze.

    Voila!! Anything marked in red means it's more than likely bad. Make sure to read the text beside it to find out exactly what it is. If you're not sure, someone here will be able to tell you! :)
  3. BlueZannetti

    BlueZannetti Registered Member

    Oct 19, 2003
    It is probably much more accurate to say that anything marked in red is not well characterized. There are thousands of potential applications out there which simply have not made it into this database. Even if it is something that you do not recognize, it could be perfectly fine.

    As with any automated tool, if you are not fully comfortable potentially performing a complete manual undo, you should probably not use it.

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