MS Acquisition of Sybari Software

Discussion in 'other anti-virus software' started by botzap, Feb 8, 2005.

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  1. botzap

    botzap Registered Member

    Jul 12, 2004
    Microsoft announced today that it has signed agreements to acquire Sybari Software Inc.

    Sybari Software provide security products for more than 10,000 businesses worldwide. Microsoft plans to provide its enterprise customers with significant virus and spam protection.

    Mike Nash, corporate vice president of the Security Business and Technology said "Through this acquisition, we're excited to be able to provide customers with a server-level anti-virus solution that delivers advanced file and content-filtering capabilities and the use of multiple scan engines."

    Microsoft have not yet announced plans of when such technologies will be ready to hit the market place but recent rumours suggest that the company has been planning such a venture for a long time.


    Does anyone know anything about the Sybari AV? I have no experience with it.
  2. 523

    523 Guest

    Microsoft bought RAV because of same reason and that AV is dead now... same will be with Sybary

    They bought GIANT and now there is no GIANT pop-up stopper and GIANT Spam Inspector.. Also from GIANT AntiSpyware they removed its main feature - system inoculate features no more...

    I personally think that Norton or McAfee stay behind all that and use that way to make more profit...

    Anyway I do not see good future products bought by microsoft...

    Sybary sames to have good detection rate because almost always when I submit files on its detected by Sybary and KAV
  3. meneer

    meneer Registered Member

    Nov 27, 2002
    The Netherlands
    Sybari Antigen is not a virusscanner, it is a mail scanner that interfaces to several virusscanning engines. We use at least 4 different engines (MacAfee, Norman, CA inoculate and Vet, I'm not sure if we also use sophos) to scan mail messages and mailboxes in Exchange. Detection rate is very high because of the multiple scan engines. Right now we use a Barracuda spamfirewall that has a Clamav on board, that catches all virusses in front of Antigen (well, our Barracuda missed a dozen infected mails in a million total received messages).
    There is also an Antigen for Lotus Notes. These antigen boxes are very effective, partly because they integrate with the mailservice api's and are quite efficient in scanning mailboxes (our etrust can scan exchange mailboxes, but on every signature update it scans every mailbox again, costs lots of performance).

    I do believe that MS will keep on supporting and maybe even selling the product. It is quite an expensive solution, so cash flow must be positive. Perhaps the multiple engine option will be dropped in favor of RAV. Naaaaa, they wouldn't.
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