MRG Effitas 360 Assessment & Certification Q3 2015

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    In order to attain a quarterly MRG Effitas 360 certification award, a security application must either protect the system from initial infection (a level 1 pass) or detect any missed malware and fully remediate the system before or on the first user initiated reboot (a level 2 pass). Applications that meet this specification will be given certification for that quarter.

    Not one vendor was certified at Level 1. Strong proof that front-end Internet 0-day malware interception methods* marketed by the AV vendors these days are nothing more than hype.

    Each live URL test was conducted by:

    Downloading a single malicious binary from its native URL using Internet Explorer to the desktop, closing Internet Explorer and then executing the binary.

    * a. The security application blocked the URL where the malicious binary was located.

    b. The security application detected and blocked the malicious binary whilst it was being downloaded to the desktop.

    c. The security application detected the malicious binary when it was executed according to the following criteria:

    It identified the binary as being malicious and either automatically blocked it or postponed its execution and warned the user that the file was malicious and awaited user input.

    What would have been appreciated from MRG is a percentage summary for each product for each of the above categories.

    I have personally observed Eset Smart Security's web filter block malware e.g. a trojan in the above a). category but that was by signature.
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