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  1. Mr.Blaze

    Mr.Blaze The Newbie Welcome Wagon

    Feb 3, 2003
    on the sofa
    Privacy Settings

    These Settings is mainly for stopping Internet explorer annoying pop ups surf in peace without those annoying pop ups=).

    Blazes newbie how to privacy settings for newbys=)
    1. Click on Internet explorer that's that big blue E. ICON lol.

    2. Go to tools scroll down to Internet options then click on security tab

    3. Then go down to the middle of the box click on custom level and select the following so it match's the bottom

    Look here to get a look before you start with the instructions below,1333507;root=security,1;mode=flat;start=0
    Download signed activex controls - Prompt
    Download unsigned activex controls -Disable
    Initialize and script activex controls not marked as safe - Disable
    Run activex controls and plug-ins - Enable (in general I would advice not to enable ActiveX.)
    Script activex controls marked safe for scripting - Enable
    enable the cookies only if your at a site you trust   
    If your just surfing and not posting or editing your profile at a message bord or buying something online then disable but if you are posting or editing your profile or buying something enable them
    Allow cookies that are stored on your computer disable
    Allow per session cookies (not stored) -Enable
    i use Internet sweeper and cookie muncher to kill my cookies and clean up my history

    *File download - Disable ('Enable' as needed only!)
    Font download - Prompt
    Java permissions - High Safety
    Access data sources across domains - Prompt
    Don't prompt for client certificate.... - Disable
    Drag and drop or copy and paste files - Enable
    *Installation of desktop items - DISABLE
    Navigate sub-frames across different domains - Enable
    *Launching programs and files in an IFRAME - DISABLE
    Software channel permissions - High Safety
    Submit non-encrypted form data - Prompt
    *Userdata Persistence - DISABLE

    *Active Scripting - DISABLE you must Reanable this option if you are editing your profile at message boards or buying something on line doing bills or unemployment registering ect ect

    Allow paste operations via script - Disable

    Scripting of Java applets - Disable you must Reanable this option if you are editing your profile at message boards or buying something on line doing bills or unemployment registering ect ect

    Logon -setting (Your choice)    
    [New] aditional security setings for other browsers  
    Maybe you have another browser other then internet explorer in that case.

    Netscape Communicator

    Netscape 7.0   
    Opera 6.0

    Newbie trouble shooting with zone alarm pro
    ZAP does have some bugs but that's expected with any fire wall.

    First off make sure that the way you connect to the Internet A.K.A. your Internet provider such as AOL ect ect under programs has green check marks in zone alarm to have access to the Internet except for the act as a server option I usually put red X's as hell no lol.

    If your on dial up on 56k you might notice a few things that you probably had no clue of but here goes.

    In some cases zone alarm pro works to well this causes problems on dial up.

    If you have AOL 7.0 or even 6.0 you might notice you cant connect to the Internet the very first time you try to connect.

    But you will always connect on the second time this is probably due to zap learning mode in testing the Icmp Protocol along side with udp and 1 TCP flag basically these problems acure when connecting to the Internet the first time on dial ups zap blocks the icmp as will as the udp-aol and you get an immediate TCP flag.

    the following problems will accure

    1. will not connect on dial up first time

    2. Aim instant messenger AOL's stand alone instant messenger and AOL internal messengers wont load( means buddy list wont load or the AOL instant messenger application stand alone will not connect or if it does the talking on aim feature will give you the if you and a buddy are behind different fire walls typical message box its due to this issue.)

    3 . If you post reply's on such forums as wilders your reply wont post correctly you get web page not found or not responding there for your post does not go threw.

    4. When clicking on several pages moving threw the web fast you will get pretty much a service of denial effect when none of the web pages load correctly you get page 404 not found or page not responding no matter what site you go to.

    1. First off call AOL and make sure you have the best dial up number in your local area sometimes that stupid auto numbers in your area isn't the best number for connecting to the Internet when using AOL.

    Have the AOL guy or woman guide you in putting locale dial up connection dial up numbers in manually?

    Find the one that connects the first time and move that one to the top when dialing the Internet so that number is at the top making it the first number you use when trying to reach the Internet threw AOL.

    After you done the albolve and found a good 1 dial up local connection first try number go ahead and disconnect and close AOL start up zone alarm pro.

    Then click on fire wall tab in zone alarm and click on Zones Tab

    Keep zone alarm pro open or hiding in task bar now dial up AOL when it gets to 4 click on zone alarm you will see new Zone alarm Internet connection with a strand of numbers such as for example that says Net work Internet.

    Right click on it and go to add then scroll down to IP Range.

    Now you will get a box pop up with the following words.

    1. Zone tab trusted
    2. IP Address . . .
    3. IP Address . . .
    4. Description

    With the IP number you saw do the following in the pop up box.

    1. Zone tab trusted
    2. IP Address 283 . 204 .0 .0
    3. IP Address 366 . 366 .0 .0
    4. Description Internet

    Then click OK.

    You will find doing this makes connecting to the Internet more easy and more stable.

    You might have to do it a few times to get all the safe IP connections From your Internet provider.

    For example some IP range connections might be extremely busy so you might have to connect to the Internet a second time and be redirected on to a less busy Internet connection there for add that new IP range number also to your safe zone.

    You will notice that you can post and your buddy list will load and you can connect on the first try depending if you were fast enough to add to zone.

    you will also notice aim talk works if it does not right click on aim in the right side bottom task bar on AOL instant messenger right click on it select preferences then aim talk

    On the box that says AlterNet Internet address check the box or unchecked it lol you have to play with it sometimes this will get it to work=)

    advanced custom settings for Zap by LowWaterMark check it out now you to can look like a pro great for newbie's   

    ZA splashscreen
    how I can get rid of the splashscreen that shows up when I start my computer?
    this should do the trick:

    ) Right click on the Zone Alarm icon and select properties.

    2) On the Shortcut tab, in the target field, enter in exactly:

    "C\Program Files\Zone Labs\ZoneAlarm\zonealarm.exe" -nosplash

    The Zone Alarm help files are now available at Computer Cops;

    For all the help files;


    For the version specific files;

    ZA help file

    ZAPlus help file

    ZAPro help file

    Old versions of zone alarm because newer isn't always better
    AOL user's are you tired of AOL Spam or AOL pop ups as will as 3rd party Spam from AOL how about those annoying AOL phone calls late at night or during dinner or lunch darn phone Spam!

    will IM tired to heres how to stop it
    go to settings at the very top of your AOL Internet screen scroll down to preferences

    now click on Marketing preferences you will see a huge list of AOL Spam click on each one in order and click on continue then select no i don't want any darn AOL Spam or pop ups or phone calls asking me to buy stuff or AOL junk mail lol

    its just that easy AOL doesn't tell you about it pretty much keeping it a secret in less you call them up specifically asking them how to stop it=) enjoy newbies
  2. Mr.Blaze

    Mr.Blaze The Newbie Welcome Wagon

    Feb 3, 2003
    on the sofa
    Mr.Blazes newbie friendly must have toys for every newbie out there

    Most of these use no resources unless they're triggered

    [New]AIDA32 - Personal System Information

    This is a free program that will bring up everything in your system, including brand names, model numbers and even serial numbers to much/all of the hardware.  It is literally a total and complete break down of your entire system, including memory usage/availability, some problem detecting, even CPU temperature.  It does not run in the back ground, so it won’t deplete recourses.  The layout is similar to Windows Explorer with the tree formation of all of the computer categories.

    Even though its easy to use I recommend it to intermediate newbies who have some basic understanding of what there looking at.

    but even i can easily get the jest of things so its up to you a very good program indeed

    Note: Newbies click on the aida32 computer icon in the folder to get it started

    I also recommend you putting it in your documents folder and make a short cut to aida32 on either your desktop or on your start button under programs for easy access.

    Dowenload   AIDA32 - Personal System Information   

    More About AIDA32 - Personal System Information

    ID-Blaster Plus v2.0    
    ID-Blaster Plus is compatible with Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP.    
    In Windows, many applications have something called a "product ID number", a "GUID" or a "Unique ID number". This number may be the same through Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player - even the operating system itself.
    Since this number nevers changes, it would be the PERFECT way a malicious person or even an advertising company could track your habits. Maybe through a malicious website ActiveX control, or java applet.

    ID-Blaster Plus works by changing these ID numbers frequently, destroying tracking tactics using these numbers. ID-Blaster can run from the system tray, using up very little resources, and constantly protect you in the background.
    More about ID-Blaster Plus   
    download ID-Blaster Plus

    Much like ID-Blaster, MRU-Blaster helps protect your privacy - but there is a big difference.

    MRU-Blaster is an all-new program, made to do one large task - detect and clean MRU (most recently used) lists on your computer. These MRU lists contain information such as the names and/or locations of the last files you have accessed. But they are located ALL OVER your registry, and for almost ANY file type. By looking at these MRU lists, someone could determine what files you opened/saved/looked at, what their file names were, and much more! (And, in many cases, the lists are displayed in drop-down menus automatically.)

    more about MRU-Blaster

    download  MRU-Blaster

    AntiSpector 2.0 detect and remove Spector surveillance
    Spector is a popular monitoring and recording software that can be used to monitor all activity on a given computer. While this is great if you are an employer or concerned parent, it is not so great if it is used without your knowledge and you are the subject of the surveillance. AntiSpector will detect any installation of the Spector monitoring software and optionally remove it from the computer.
    download AntiSpector 2.0

    StartPage Guard (SPG) protects your PC from cyberscam, by detecting and preventing any unauthorized changes to your Internet browser's Start and Search pages. It is also capable of removing automatically most of known "invaders".

    more about start page guard

    download start page guard

    DiamondCS RegistryProt v2.0
    RegistryProt is a 100% free, standalone, compact, low-level realtime registry monitor and protector, that adds another dimension to Windows security and intrusion detection. By monitoring important locations and keys in the Windows system registry, RegistryProt will alert whenever a key is added or changed, and then give the option of accepting the key change, reverting back to the original key setting, or deleting the key.

    RegistryProt's most useful attribute is that it will detect the vast majority of Trojans at the exact moment that they infect/install themselves into your system, and as such provides a new dimension in Trojan and intrusion detection.

    more about DiamondCS RegistryProt v2.0

    download DiamondCS RegistryProt v2.0

    Newbie warning about DiamondCS RegistryProt v2.0 when you very first install and activate this be off line.

    When you are prompted with a box for the very first time asking you if you want to keep this registry key type message click on yes repeatedly say yes to every thing.

    choose not to start it on start up option instead choose to run it manually by making a short cut on your task bar then click that when you go on line and start it up then

    Click on the -- mark on top of its box to minimize the box to your systems tray.

    also remember when you online with a windows computer

    windows has an automatic update feature so when your running DiamondCS RegistryProt v2.0 in the back ground remember to look on the bottom right hand corner

    If you see a blue planet icon or a windows update icon and you get prompted by DiamondCS RegistryProt v2.0 with a box at the same time windows update was going on click yes you whish to allow the change in registry its just windows updating.

    This also includes if you go to windows update web site for critical updates I suggest you turn off DiamondCS RegistryProt v2.0 when your downloading updates could mess your download up at Microsoft update web page.

    After download if you are not prompted to restart your computer turn it back on and say yes.

    another note if your running windows me turn DiamondCS RegistryProt v2.0 just before you shut down your computer could cause your computer to not shut down properly

    download links from our site corrected - Forum Admin
  3. Mr.Blaze

    Mr.Blaze The Newbie Welcome Wagon

    Feb 3, 2003
    on the sofa
    0Click2 (6/22/00)
    0click2 is a small, simple, free program for users of Windows95, 98, NT and 2000 which allows you to "disconnect doubleclick from the Internet" and this in turn prevents their banner ads, their cookies and their tracking of your activities. 0click2 works by causing all referrals to double-click from any site to be blocked at your own computer. 0click2 works only with the standard Microsoft winsock for dialup networking, DSL, ISDN and cable modems and does not work with other winsock programs such as AOL(Compuserve), Trumpet Winsock or Twinsock. 0Click2 adds new functionality to allow you to choose to block other sites as well.

    more about 0-click2

    download 0-click 2

    DSOstop2 (new version 3/21/02)
    The "DSO Exploit" (Data Source Object) was first reported by GreyMagic Software of Israel on February 27, 2002 and a "workaround" for Microsoft's defective code was provided by Axel Pettinger and Garland Hopkins on March 3, 2002. Their fix requires the user to manually edit the registry. Many computer users are extremely nervous (and justifiably so) about doing this, owing to years of warnings and advisories not to. This FREE utility will safely do it for those who do not feel confident running and editing "Regedit." Read the details for more information and links to the registry modification instructions and test site.

    more about dso stop 2

    download dso stop 2

    Cr2Kill (8/5/01, updated 8/6/01)
    CR2Kill is designed to detect and delete the CodeRed II and III worm from IIS servers. It then will send the user, with their permission, to the Microsoft site where the ISAPI patches are available. Please read detail page.

    more about cr2kill

    Download cr2 kill

    HTAstop (4/13/01)
    It's now possible for a "rogue" website to actually embed Trojans, worms and/or viruses directly into a web page. In the past, pages that offer seemingly attractive downloads which contain such malware required you to click to start any download to your computer. Now it's become automatic, using features in the Windows operating system known as scripting. These scripts can load programs without you knowing, and then they run immediately. All you have to do is visit the site, without doing anything besides viewing the page. HTAstop acts as a brickwall against these scripts, disabling them so the download doesn't occur. HTAstop protects you against one variety of script, our IEClean covers all twenty-seven.

    more about hta stop

    download hta stop   
    SockLock (2/17/99)
    If SockLock is used BEFORE you fall victim to Happy99 or other SKA class Trojan attack, it will protect you from infestations by this Trojan horse. You can actually download and enjoy the fireworks display presented by the Happy99 Trojan without any risk of infestation or spreading the Trojan further to other hapless victims as SockLock PREVENTS any SKA class Winsock infesting Trojan from being able to do anything more than display the cute distraction. They CANNOT infest your machine (or anyone elses) if SockLock has been used to lock your winsock against modification. SockLock also creates two 72 byte files which prevent SKA class Trojans from being able to install at all on your machine once you activate the protection using SockLock.

    more About sock lock

    Down load sock lock

    Script Blocking
    If you are a home or small business customer, you should be running Norton Antivirus 2001 or later. Both programs can be configured to detect VBScripts when they are run, alert you to ones that are unknown or possibly malicious, and block them if necessary.

    more about no script

    download no script

    ScripTrap traps scripts when they attempt to run on your computer and provides the option of blocking them or letting them continue to run. You can also check the intercepted script with your Anti-virus program before you decide to run it or not. This provides you with a chance of catching possibly malicious code before it causes damage. ScripTrap is particularly useful for trapping scripts that arrive in email attachments, such as the recent ILOVEYOU virus.The worst thing about many types of scripts is that they can operate without warning as a legitimate part or extension of another program. Most damaging of all are email attachments that contain scripts. If you open them in an email program that allows scripting they may execute before you even realize what you have done.

    more about script trap

    download script trap

    Cookie Muncher. A must have privacy program. Stop the Evil Empire watching your every move. Eats a cookie as soon as it arrives, now works with I.E. and Netscape. Now also works with Netcaptor. Support for keeping some cookies now added (I.E. engines only) set the file attribute of the cookies you want to keep to read-only. Now shows your IP address on the pop-up menu. Support for AOL added Only uses between 5% and 8% CPU. Opera Added

    more about cookie muncher

    Download cookie muncher

    B3D Killer
    Features of B3D Killer:
    -Removes all traces of the Brilliant Digital software (dlls and executables) from your computer.
    -Deletes most, if not all, registry keys associated with the program and its "auto-install" function (which lets it re-install itself silently when you browse a webpage).
    -Displays output of all actions performed.
    -Is only 52 kb.

    more about b3d killer

    download B3D killer
  4. Mr.Blaze

    Mr.Blaze The Newbie Welcome Wagon

    Feb 3, 2003
    on the sofa
    Blazes best free fire walls

    For newbies
    New! FREE ZoneAlarm
    Version 3 of our legendary basic firewall is now available. Free to individual and nonprofit users, ZoneAlarm® is the popular first step for many home PC users..

    download zone alarm free

    for intermediate newbie
    if your willing to take the time and learn and want the best free fire wall and your not a newbie in a rush and you want real protection here
    Kerio Firewall v2.1.4
    one of the best rule based firewalls available.   
  5. Mr.Blaze

    Mr.Blaze The Newbie Welcome Wagon

    Feb 3, 2003
    on the sofa
    best absolutley free spyware killers newbie friendly software

    SpyBot-Search & Destroy
    the perfect double check for Ad-aware. Covers: Aureate,CLPRS, Comet Cursors, eZula HotText, Gator, GoHip, Radiate, WebHancer, WildTangent etc.. Very useful extra features included
    SpyBot-S&D searches your harddisk for so-called spy- or adbots; little modules that are responsible for the ads many programs show. But many of these modules also transmit information about your surfing behaviour and more to the net.
    If SpyBot-S&D finds such modules, it can remove them - or replace them with empty dummies in case their host won't work any more with its bot removed. In most cases, the host software still runs after removing the bot.
    For a list of 'supported' bots see the feature lists below. Spybot-S&D works with an easy interface that allows updates by just replacing a file of about 1k size. Those updates come by my software mailinglist.Another feature of Spybot S&D is the removal of usage tracks, which makes it more complicated for unknown spybots to transmit useful data. The list of last visited websites, opened files, started programs, cookies, all that and more can be cleaned. Supported are the three mahjor browsers Internet Explorer, Netscape Communicator and Opera.Last but not least Spybot-S&D contains some routines to find and correct invalid entries into the registry.

    read me first
    [New Updated]download

    first read this before downloading

    use this to dowenload updates also allow it permition in your fire wall to conect to the internet
    best clean up utility for intermediate newbies

    Eraser is a secure data removal tool, which allows you to remove sensitive data from your hard drive by overwriting it with carefully selected patterns.

    The program is free software, which means that everyone has access to the source code, the freedom to study it, make modifications and even distribute modified versions of their own. This freedom has made Eraser one of the most trustworthy and popular security tools for Windows

    newby translation
    lol translation if you are doing bad stuff and you want to get rid of the evidence lol this is the best tool for deleting your files such as porn naughty pictures ect ect=)

    more info here a must read

    download here

    Advance newbies only
    heres the best registry cleaner teats free
    RegCleaner is an easy to use program. With RegCleaner you can easily get rid of those old and obsolete registry entries created by software that you have destroyed ages ago. And by easily, I mean easily. You don´t have to be any expert to use this program.
    warning do not go playing around with this tool this is a newbie kinda friendly utility translation read everything about it when you know you uninstalled something and you see traces of it then remove it also open it up every time you install something and look what new keys been added

    A must have for newbies
    Panda 25 in One Cleaner
    Detects, removes and restores Nimda, the new fast spreading W32/Goner-A worm, and various other infections.

    more about panda

    download panda 25

    download links from our site corrected - Forum Admin
  6. Mr.Blaze

    Mr.Blaze The Newbie Welcome Wagon

    Feb 3, 2003
    on the sofa
    Best free antivirus and Trojan removers.
    Sorry guess what there int any there all out dated or poorly made or the freelance programer doesn't update it enough and why should he its free you cant complain.

    To my newbies you will have to buy these utilities to be truly protected and IM sorry to say that cost money.
    Best antivirus protection and Trojan these are must haves you cant afford to be with out them for newbies

    you will either have to buy
    Norton anti virus
    do not by Norton antivirus 2003 only 2002 2003 is evil

    Trojan protection
    you will have to buy these two software's to be truly protected

    It not newbie friendly but its the best and i look after my newbies

    if you get tds heres the newbie help file written by my buddy fan j
    Also another great tutorial by my buddy fan j
    Required system files for TDS-3

    BOClean is a must for extra protection tds is more like a tank its fine for checking files and your computer for every Trojan known to man as will as execution protection but being online with it is a system resources hog for newbies I recommend using this off line or when executing a newly downloaded program or Trojan checking before hand or a complet computer check.

    Boclean how ever is a good back up while your on the inter net it kills Trojan and nastys trying to install and isn't a resource hog tds with boclean is a must.

    One protects you on line and the other off line
    get boclean here
    this is extremely newbie friendly no thinking at all a few suggestions when you get it
    first thing you do is click on it when your on the net after you install it click on the gray box that says Bo with the vacuum on your system tray hit check for update.

    go to configure boclean and
    and check the fist two box's and the 8th box are checked   
    best Internet sweeper or cleaner
    only use with AOL 7.0 all versions of windows except XP and really old window versions
    AOL user with versions before AOL 7.0 not recommended you been warn works perfect with AOL 7.0
    download here

    will if you are with out money then this is the best free anti virus utlity
    F-Secure Anti-Virus™ for DOS
    Ps if your going to run all this stuff make sure you have at least 256 ram or something up there    
  7. Mr.Blaze

    Mr.Blaze The Newbie Welcome Wagon

    Feb 3, 2003
    on the sofa
    :DLike to thank Fan J and Low Watermark for helping me update this thx guys i relly alprechiate it.

    also like to thx paul joosky and many others to many to name for encourageing me and for all your suport=)
  8. eyespy

    eyespy Registered Member

    Feb 20, 2002
    Oh Canada !!
    Fine job Mr. Blaze.
    And I'm sure this string is appreciated more than you know !!
    bill ;)
  9. Paul Wilders

    Paul Wilders Administrator

    Jul 1, 2001
    The Netherlands
    Sorry Blaze, but as stated quite clear, the "archives board" is for board archives only.

    That would be a pitty - it's a nice, personal job you performed. I for one do applaud you for your effort!


  10. Prince_Serendip

    Prince_Serendip Registered Member

    Apr 8, 2002
    :) Hi MRBLAZE!

    You've done an excellent job here! It must have been a lot of work. Do not worry about it being buried. From time to time or as needed refer to it as the Newbie Survival Guide and give them this url:

    Ain't nothin' buried when you got its url!

    Best regards from Larry! :cool:
  11. Primrose

    Primrose Registered Member

    Sep 21, 2002
    It looks clean enough, at this point, to do your own web pages for a security site. ;)
  12. FanJ

    FanJ Guest

    Hi Blaze,

    My friend, you did a really nice, good job!!!
    You've got your karma cookie from me, and you deserve it.

    Keep up the good work with your survival guide !!!

    Cheers, Jan.
  13. Jooske

    Jooske Registered Member

    Feb 12, 2002
    Netherlands, EU near the sea
    Very good job MrBlaze, i would like to be able to jump to this often and promote it to others looking for handy hints. Is it possible for you to add this URL to your signature for easy access?
    And like the other people say, lots of stuff to fill pages in your own security web pages. Glad you have so much experience to share with us! Thanks a lot. Looking forward to next episodes!
  14. Mr.Blaze

    Mr.Blaze The Newbie Welcome Wagon

    Feb 3, 2003
    on the sofa
    updated lol
  15. Smokey

    Smokey Registered Member

    Apr 1, 2002
    Annie's Pub
    Hello Sir Blaze!

    I agree ID-Blaster is a fine javacool production, but NOTHING for newbies!
  16. Mr.Blaze

    Mr.Blaze The Newbie Welcome Wagon

    Feb 3, 2003
    on the sofa
    dohhhhhhhhh i was supose to update this list lol but i lost the list of new newby utlitys lol looks like im have to go looking in pauls treasure trove lol at wilders free tools

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