MP3 backup problem / Remember Sony's rootkit...

Discussion in 'other software & services' started by HandsOff, Jun 8, 2008.

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    Sep 16, 2003
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    I have a trusty old backup program I have used for years. It seems to do the job so I've never given any thought to "Upgrading" to anything else. It is Retrospect Express, by Dantz.

    There is something, though, that I have never understood. Some files seem prone to not matching when after writing the backup, it performs a comparison of the backed up files with the original. Oh, I suppose one could expect some confusion with system files or security software, but an MP3? This particular song is on a CD I purchased years ago from BMG's CD Club through the mail:

    File "I:\Me Music!\Compilations\Angus\White Homes.mp3": didn't compare, reached end of file

    I'm no expert on computers, but I just have to wonder why the same file will have problems. If a file is read incorrectly, would it not be written the same way, and so end up comparing? I suppose it could be residing on a damaged part of the disc that is not always correctly read, but error checking of the drive get the picture.

    All that reminded me of the rootkit that Sony CD's used to install. At the time we could check to see if we had been infected, but all this time later I am curious if it ever still turns up on computers, and if major antivirus products detect this threat. I would assume they do, but I'd like to know if that thing is dead and buried or if it still poses any threat. I'd appreciate it if anyone can say one way or the other.

Thread Status:
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