Mozilla Firefox (Formerly Firebird) 29-6-04

Discussion in 'other software & services' started by NICK ADSL UK, Jun 29, 2004.

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    NICK ADSL UK Administrator

    May 13, 2003
    Mozilla Firefox (Formerly Firebird)
    Firefox 0.9.1 UPDATED ON THE 29-6-04
    New in Firefox 0.9.1

    * - Extension Manager
    * - Theme Manager
    * - Data Migration/Import
    * - New Visual Theme
    * - Better Bookmarks
    * - Better Search
    * - Smaller Download
    * - Online Help
  2. bounty69sx

    bounty69sx Registered Member

    Jun 5, 2004
    Montana, USA
    I have the v0.9 installed less than a week ago and it works ok. If I decide to use this newer version, do I have to uninstall the v0.9 before installing the v0.9.1? Or will it overlap the now old v0.9?
  3. Justhelping

    Justhelping Guest

    Here's a safe and foolproof way to avoid problems and yet retain most of your settings.

    First understand that most of the basic info of your browser settings such as bookmarks, passwords , cookies, history are stored in your profile directory.See for the directory it is in (depends on Operating system).

    It is highly recommended you delete the application folder (or uninstall using the installer, but keep the profiles!!) - the folder where you installed firefox. But you can and should reuse your profiles.

    I recommend the following steps

    1) copy the old firefox application folder say originally c:\mozilla\firefox to another folder say c:\firefoxbackup. You might need this later. Then *delete* the original folder.

    2) Installer the new 0.9.1 program to the *same* location as the old 0.9 (c:\mozilla \irefox in the example)

    3) Copy everything in the backups in the directory "Searchplugins" and "plugins" to the new firefox folders. This will carry over any search engines you have installed and will also in most cases, ensure that flash and shockwave plugins if installed before will continue to function.

    4) Start firefox 0.9.1. If prompted select the original profile name.
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