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  1. Jigsaw

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    Oct 30, 2013
    This started with the 2014 up-date for Avast. I had a paid version for internet security. It said I wasn't secure so I clicked fix. Avast deleted data and files, then told me to restart the comp. When i re-booted I got as far as the sign in screen, then it went on a cycle or shut down, re-boot. So I pulled out the plug. restarted, but it just done the same thing. I done start up in safe mode and looked in mini dump, there was about 5/6 bsod files there. I deleted Avast. on restart all looked ok,so I down loaded Kaspersky 30 days trial. run a scan.all good. I checked spywareblaster and it needed enabling. I down loaded malwarebytes again, run that and all clear. I went to check the bsod files in the mini dump, but they had gone ? Now on boot up I have to enable blocked site in Spywareblaster each time. I don't know if its Kaspersky doing that or not. I've posted on Avast forums, they where blaming windows security center, but with all the posts they have had about this fault, I think they know it's more their fault ?? I have yet to post on the Kaspersky site about the conflict wiht spywareblaster. Any ideas? Before You tell Me to up-grade lol I cant afford to!
    I'm running windows XP home edition 2002 service pk3 :cool:
    Thanks for any help:thumb:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.