missing CMMgr32.exe nothing to worry about?

Discussion in 'other software & services' started by HandsOff, Aug 28, 2005.

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  1. HandsOff

    HandsOff Registered Member

    Sep 16, 2003
    Bay Area, California
    spybot internals, JV16, MWAV Toolkit, ect... always report on CMMgr32.exe being missing. I do have the help file in \system32 but not the exe.

    a quick look on the internet reveals this is a common scenario. some of the posters seem to be having problems. Others, like myself, are only concerned because this programs are calling it a problem.

    I think that the 'connection manager' as it is called is not needed for a cable connection. I removed my internal phone modem to gain the PCI slot and deleted the hardware. Maybe that deleted CMMgr32?

    Anyway, I guess I can ignore this? What would you do?

    - HandsOff
Thread Status:
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