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Discussion in 'other software & services' started by SG1, Sep 12, 2005.

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  1. SG1

    SG1 Registered Member

    Jan 16, 2003
    a) Got WINXP PRO on new HD recently, and have d'l security updates and the like: but, for those who know more of PRO than I do at the moment - is there any Custom d'ls of import that I should pay attention to? {I do run "84,000" security apps while on the net, so bases are covered as best as I know how to}.

    b) Just how far can I trust PRO's inbuilt firewall? I rather miss my 2.6.231 free ZA f'wall, that I could at least see, and readily keep an eye on things, with that app. Is it smart or not to turn off PRO's f'wall, and revert back to ZA, or is XP PRO's f'wall holding its own? It does seem to be stealthed re first 1056 ports at GRC.COM's ShieldsUp test area, as was the report on the old ZA f'wall, so... (?)

    c) And now that I've got my comfy clutter on new HD w/PRO on it - from the other two HDs - taking up 15GB already in about a week's time... what is the most intelligent backup strategy to pursue, in your eyes?
    I do have, just now, about 15GB free space on the other two HDs, and do have CD burner (but that is only good for about 650MB, tops, I think). Have thought about getting Acronis TrueImage, to duplicate the new C drive to at least one of the other HDs - a 20GB HD, after I erase a lot of junk off it... Then too, I wonder, is a HD that you can plug in, for backups and then disconnect it and store it elsewhere - perhaps an equally good or perhaps better approach to backing up all the data?
    Personally, I'm so inclined to back up stuff, every possible method that I can think of (and then do it again, just to be "sure").
    *** Added this note, about something else:
    Was browsing today, using FireFox and seemed to get a bunch of D'Ls, that were... nothing; this had not happened before - ideas on why that happened? And is that an "issue" at times, w/FireFox? Seems like a nice little browser otherwise, thus far - esp. with some of the add-ons avail.

    Thanks for advice/opinions,
    Best, as always SG1 (Pat)
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  2. WSFuser

    WSFuser Registered Member

    Oct 7, 2004
    a. if u rele run so much security apps, then i doubt i could mention any program that u dont already know about.

    b. winxp's firewall is teh same in both home and pro. u can find discussion on ICF in the other firewalls section. for me, ICF lacks outbound protection and other firewalls offer more customizable and powerful inbound protection and rules. since u have so much security the builtin firewall may offer sufficient protection with minimal popups or u may wish to compliment ur other apps with a 3rd party FW. and remember only keep one firewall enabled at once, either ICF or a 3rd party FW.

    3. for backup i just have an external drive with my personal files and downloads on it. i use acronis true image for restoring my system to a clean state without having to go thru a full format and reinstall of windows. my suggestion is to connect ur previous drives to ur current comp and retrieve whatever important files u may have in them. afterwards format them and use them for extra storage or buy an external usb enclosure and use them as external drives.
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