Mirror site managed by U. of Chicago for U.S. DOE

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    Apr 12, 2006
    While downloading Ubuntu packages today, I right-clicked on a URL in the Firestarter firewall to do a "who is" and was somewhat surprised to see "xxxxxxx.anl.gov".

    ANL stands for Argonne National Laboratory and it is a premier science and engineering research facility. It is a U.S. Department of Energy laboratory managed by The University of Chicago. The home page is here:


    The mirror site, "affectionately know[n] as the "Alpaca Farm"" is here:


    A sampling of software mirrored by this site is as follows:

    Operating Systems: Linux Kernel

    Distributions: Debian - Complete, Debian - amd64, Fedora Linux Core, Gentoo, Mandrake - ISOs, SuSE, Ubuntu, Ubuntu - CD and DVD ISOs, YellowDog

    Other: Apache, Mozilla, MySQL, OpenOffice.org (/stable, /contrib), OpenSSH,
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.