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Discussion in 'ESET Server & Remote Administrator' started by Altramarine, Mar 28, 2012.

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  1. Altramarine

    Altramarine Registered Member

    Sep 25, 2008
    Hi there,

    I've just setup the most recent ERAS in our business environment.Currently, In the process of configuring the Default Policy using the ESET Configurator Editor before deploying clients across the domain.

    First off, the official documentation is not very detailed about the multitude of options to go through. Anyone knows of a good documentation that covers all of the options?
    I am really confused about repetition of options, for example:
    How does "ESET Kernel -> Setup" differ from
    "Computer Scan" or
    "File-system filter"

    Second, would anyone suggest how to minimize the system impact that NOD32 client poses on the system while still maintaining decent protection?
    Installing a default NOD32 installer seems to bring my machine and other test machines to their knees. And I thought ESET made it clear that their product has almost no impact on system's performance in advertisements.
    This slow down is highly undesirable for people that do AutoCAD, 3D rely on system's performance and have pretty speedy computers to begin with.

    I've read disabling certain components in the Real-Time scanner eliminates alot of the slow down but then... what is the point of having an antivirus if malware, trojans just walk by into your system unfiltered.

    Any help would be great!
  2. agoretsky

    agoretsky Eset Staff Account

    Apr 4, 2006

    When installing the software, I typically leave the settings for what threats to detect and where to detect them alone, and system performance seems quite good.

    When I come across a report of system performance being poor after a new install, my initial thought is that there may be some leftover remnants of the previously-installed antivirus software still running in the background. Orphaned device drivers, services, processes and other applications from previously-installed antivirus software can indeed be detrimental to the performance of the currently-installed antivirus software.

    What I would suggest doing is to start by opening a case with ESET's technical support department by calling them at +1 (866) 343-3738. One thing they will likely ask for is an ESET SysInspector log from an affected system in order to inspect what is running on them, so be sure to generate one of those beforehand in order to speed up the resolution process.


    Aryeh Goretsky
  3. SmackyTheFrog

    SmackyTheFrog Registered Member

    Nov 5, 2007
    Lansing, Michigan
    You're going to get a full scan of your Outlook mailboxes the first time you start using the software and depending on the size of the mailbox and performance of the local disk (or Exchange server, if the client is in online mode) can bog things down for several hours. But it does go away and afterwards the impact is minimal. Some environments don't work well with real-time scanning of network drives so you may consider disabling that feature, especially if the server-side of that connection is already running AV software. Besides that, the defaults tend to work fine unless you have some software behaving badly that needs an exclusion.
  4. mauirixxx

    mauirixxx Registered Member

    Apr 5, 2012
    We're an AutoCAD heavy shop running EAV v4.2 and have had 0 issues with slowdowns, since switching over from SYmantec Endpoint Protection.

    And I admit, I play my share of 3d heavy games at work (during lunch break!) with 0 issues in terms of slowdown.

    I'm inclined to agree with both Agoretsky & SmackyTheFrog, purely going on my own personal experience.
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