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Discussion in 'other anti-virus software' started by lodore, Jun 15, 2008.

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  1. lodore

    lodore Registered Member

    Jun 22, 2006
    has anyone else tryed the mcafee enterprise 8.7.0i antivirus and antispyware beta?
    also the superdat?
    superdat does produce quite alot of false possitives atm.
    which is expected being a beta product.
    i tryed the tray icon 2.0 technology preview but it was way to unstable at this time. will test it again when its more stable.
    all in all a very decent product.

    btw if you install in standard mode how do i change it to the maximum protection mode? is it possible without reinstall?
    with the interface unlocked,i opened up virusscan console and right clicked on access protection,properties. i can edit the rules but cant seem to find an option to enable maximium protection for any module.

    i dont know if this can be done in the released version but in vista i can over right my custom mcafee file access rules using admin rights and UAC in vista.
    if anyone uses vista and has mcafee enterprise released version create some custom file rules like my one below and see if uac comes out allowing you to over right your custom rule.
    include processes

    F:\users(name)\downloads\f-secure beta\**
    i ticked all the boxes
    i attempt to delete the file and its blocked then i get a UAC prompt and with my admin rights i can over ride the rule.
    is there a uac file that i can include so i cannot override the rule?
    or will that screw up windows?

    is this a if you have admin rights you can over ide anything situation?
    im loving all this control.
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  2. M_G_H

    M_G_H Registered Member

    Sep 3, 2007
    Hello lodore,

    I tried it briefly for a couple of weeks, I had initially installed the mcafee enterprise 8.7.0i antivirus and antispyware beta only and found that it slowed my computer a little bit, compared to 8.5i version. Then I updated the engine to the 5300 beta and that really seemed to speed up the program, no more lag when clicking on programs and browsing.

    I have not tried the superdat that is suppose to increase detection yet.

    I also tried the new Tray Icon Technology Preview and although it wasn't stable at first, McAfee informed me that there was a problem with the initial download that was posted and then posted a new download and that one performed very well. Really stable and a worthwhile item to have when it comes out of beta.

    The standard protection mode versus the maximum protection mode is, I believe, only at installation, after that you will need to re-install to select a different mode. Although, the maximum mode has all or most of the options selected, so if you want to go from standard to maximum it is simply a matter of selecting all the components in Active Protection.

    You can also install in standard mode and take a screenshot of all the components in standard and then install in maximum mode and verify what is selected and what is not and decide on which ones you want to keep selected and which ones you don't need or want.
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