MBAM, Evidence Eliminator. (Notes from EE's Author)

Discussion in 'other anti-malware software' started by AC_RHS, Aug 24, 2008.

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  1. AC_RHS

    AC_RHS Registered Member

    Aug 24, 2008
    I've been reading the Evidence Eliminator threads here with some interest.

    EE has been featured in so many court cases that it has been generally accepted as exactly what I designed it to be in 1999: the World's #1 Evidence Eliminator.

    Quite often the forums are busy with confusion over misleading advertising posted by competitors whos "clones" are not of the same excellent quality as Evidence Eliminator. One example, unfortunately, is "Radsoft" who for many years has published a small website of silly, downright dishonest claims about EE in an attempt to mislead consumers into entering their credit card details and paying Radsoft money.

    Certainly if that company was in the UK they would be prosecuted for fraud. However, it is uncertain how many (if any) consumers actually pay Radsoft (if at all) or if there is any legitimate business behind that site at all.

    Obviously at Robin Hood Software we do note the activities of those competitors but there is nothing we can do to prevent them trying to defraud consumers. Instead we offer a Fact Sheet that may assist unwary new users correctly assess some of the more far-fetched claims out there from competitors, whos' products are not of the same quality of Evidence Eliminator:

    Also, we offer genuinely free technical support via our Website at past the knowledge base there is a real technical support team so if you have any specific questions about EE always feel free to get in touch.

    We are the #1 solution used by police stations all around the world. EE is thoroughly accepted as doing exactly what it says on the box.

    As far as any "malware" argument goes, EE has been around for nearly a decade, and is obviously a thoroughly well-established and reputable product and a firm favorite with law enforcement and generally popular. So may I suggest politely to the malware author, why not simply change your software to say "I don't like EE, and I dont' care if you do" rather than to mislead users over what EE really does, which seems to be the current issue.

    Software which wrongly informs its users that other software as "rogue" only for users to complain of the inaccuracy, isn't very useful for its users, is it?

    Best regards
    Andy Churchill
  2. ChrisP

    ChrisP Suspended Member

    Jun 6, 2003
    I take it you saw the threads abour ee some weeks ago. You are wasting your time in this forum trying to explain that ee is a good app.

    I have got MBAM and yes, it detects ee as "rogue". I asked the author or indeed anyone to find any evidence at all to show that ee did not do what it claimed or that it contained any malware - I even offered €100 to anyone who could do so. Not even the author of MBAM could present any evidence, but just said the advertising was too agressive and justified it being classified as rogue on those grounds.

    It was interesting to note that many people pointed out that there is no free or evaluation version of ee available, therefore, by definition, ee would only be installed on an individuals computer if they had purchased after seeing the advertising and actively chosen to install it.

    What use then is there in MBAM detecting this software as rogue (the author not liking the advert!) when it will only be installed on PCs where people have seen the adverts and liked what they have seen, then purchased and installed the software and clearly kept it installed and used it?

    As I say, a awste of time trying to explain it here. Be prepared for comments from people who have never used it stating that it does not work, spreads viruses etc.

    Anyway, Im a happy user and everyone I know who has it likes it and wouldnt use anything else.
  3. ronjor

    ronjor Global Moderator

    Jul 21, 2003
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