Mbam and Hitman Pro-Not A-vs-B Comparison

Discussion in 'other anti-malware software' started by Securon, Feb 17, 2013.

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  1. luciddream

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    Mar 22, 2007
    Well in terms of shell scanning, HMP has a limitation of 32 MB... MBAM has no such limitation. Both will perform full scans, but HMP doesn't have to be installed to do as such, it can while being portable. HMP includes I believe 5 different engines while MBAM is only 1.

    They will find different types of stuff though. Personally I would use both. If we're talking the free version of MBAM, neither run real-time. So why not use them both?

    I pretty much depend on a combination of VT Hash Check, MBAM Free, and Hitman Pro (portable). I have VTHC & MBAM in my shell. Since VTHC also has the 32 MB file size limitation, I use MBAM in the rare case a file is bigger than that. And do full scans with both Hitman Pro & MBAM about once a month, usually after patch Tue.
  2. Kees1958

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    Jul 8, 2006
    They both find nothing om my system :D

    MBAM scan takes twice as long as HMP

    MBAM scans around 9000 files againt HMP 6000 (om my system)

    Object scan count is fuzzy, but I am inclined to believe that MBAM scans more registry keys in detail (focussing on non-default settings).

    MBAM focusses on recent threats < 2 months, HMP uses cloud lookup against 5 AV engines, so why not use both?

    Note on MBAM.
    Two years ago, I used MBAM and it found around 26 traces of malware. These were all Group Policy hardening settings. I complained about it via the feedback. In this scan it only warned about three malware traces (also GPO improvements). So they have improved a lot. From the three MBAM FP warnings they could have recognised two:
    1. When system restore is enabled AND configuring system restore is disabled for the user, don't complain about the user not being able to change configuration
    2. When network setting not allowed to change and network settings all default values, don't complain about the user unable to change internet settings.

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