Malware Analysis Course Materials Now Available

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    Jun 16, 2005
    Malware Analysis Course Materials Now Available.

    These are the slides from F-Secure's Malware Analysis Course taught at Helsinki University of Technolog (Spring 2009).

    Note: Click on the course homepages link in the middle of the web page above, then click on the Lectures link in the left-hand-side panel, then click on the Topic links to expose the PDF documents in order to download them.

    In all, there are 14 PDF documents available on the following topics:

    Introduction to the course
    Malware Situation in 2009
    Legal Aspects of Reverse Engineering.
    Reverse Engineering I
    Windows Operating System: Antivirus Perspective
    Reverse Engineering II
    Mobile Malware
    Using Debuggers to Analyze Malware
    Emulators and Disassemblers
    Reverse Engineering III
    Unpacking and Decrypting Malware
    Windows Kernel Malware
    Antivirus Engine Design.
    Introduction to the Course Assignment

    -- Tom
Thread Status:
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