M$ Targets XP Users ?

Discussion in 'privacy general' started by snowman, Dec 20, 2002.

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  1. snowman

    snowman Guest

    Notice please that the title of this topic contains a question mark.

    After an absence from the internet upon briefly returning I did some security updates. After making M$ patch updates the firewall blocked: Windows Catalog Registration

    Not in the mood for doing an indept search I instead did only a google search an found this:

    Posted: June 29, 2001

    Introducing the Windows Catalog, the definitive online source for users interested in products built for Windows XP. Readily accessible from the Windows XP Start Menu, Windows Update page, and Microsoft.com, the Windows Catalog will reach thousands of targeted users who are actively seeking products like yours every day.

    So, does this mean that M$ is target users of it's products? Since I am not an XP user it seems rather strange that suddenly this is being blocked by the firewall. It never was before! Does this mean that all M$ product users are now targeted? Lots of questions.
    These days I rarely post so will just read any responses.

    warm regards

  2. snowman

    snowman Guest

    A link to M$ for more info on Catalog:


    Also, while its stated by M$ that the User needs to click on the link in the XP menu.....if this is correct then why would Windows Catalog Registration be trying to call-home when I don't even have this in my menu?

  3. snowman

    snowman Guest


    Am I mis-understanding are these people outright admiting to reading the Most Recently Used programs MRU?

    See very bottom of webpage:


    In my case after getting off the internet I re-installed the computers features which included webtv....an when taking the computer back out the box and re-connecting I left webtv installed....either this or the M$ updates caused this incident. The above url has some interesting reading in relation the the combined use of media player., messenger and webtv

    out of here now..have a nice weekend

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