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Discussion in 'LnS English Forum' started by ego, May 3, 2005.

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  1. ego

    ego Guest

    I have another problem this time... LooknStop doesn't like my bittorrent programs..
    I am trying to download some files from ABC and the speed is really low... I have configured ABC to randomize ports between 41XXX-59XXX

    Every torrent should be green when there are Seeders/leechers (healthy torrent)
    But with LnS enabled (enchanced ruleset or Phantom), torrents are yellow

    How can I fix this problem

    P.S When is the new LnS version coming?
  2. ego

    ego Guest

    Ok I found something
    Green Again
    Many rules here... However I had to change my ports to 6881-6889

    Something More...I set the rule about Bittorrent abd specifically about ABC. Found the rule Pressed EDIT...Then Applications... And ABC from the drop down list... That means that ABC ONLY will transfer through those ports and no other program. Right?
  3. SSK

    SSK Registered Member

    Nov 28, 2004
    The rule will be only be active when the program is running. You can see this by looking at the rule when your program is not running. The checkmark should be a brownish color. Now, when you start the prgram, the checkmark will be green, indicating the rule is active --> the ports are allowed for ALL programs you gave access to the internet.
  4. xamenos

    xamenos Guest

    Ok. I started to realise how things work...
    SO far so nice.
    Now, for example a hacker know that bittorrent uses ports 6881-6889 and he knows that the user uses BT, hence the ports are opened by LnS... Is it easy for him (hacker) to access your pc through those ports?

    Just a general guestion to understand things better... Although I changed my ports again to higher values specified by IANA and edited the rule
  5. marceli7

    marceli7 Registered Member

    May 6, 2005
    Slightly off topic, forgive me but I found this interesting.
    So the running program could be programmed as a "trigger" for a rule in LNS?
    Don’t understand it... In some pfw I have to create an "inbound/outbound UDP allow" for MYGAME. Usually it looks like this:

    App: MYGAME
    Allow outbound UDP from local 1025-5000 to remote 1025-65535(or any).
    Allow inbound UDP from remote 1025-65535(or any) to local 1025-5000.
    Local port is random (first avail AFAIK) and remote port depends on server’s admin mood.
    Maybe I’m wrong but I found those rules by "rule creation process" in Kerio, Outpost and some others I’ve tried.

    So... If I make such a rule in LNS and of course chose MYGAME for this rule will it get me to the point where all my UDP ports (in range) will be opened for inbound traffic as soon as MYGAME will trigger this rule? In other words… Will LNS check that MYGAME use only one (random at start) UDP port and inbound UDP should be allowed for this port only and NOT for UDP port opened by other allowed application? Could it be done in LNS and how?
  6. Frederic

    Frederic LnS Developer

    Jan 9, 2003
    The internet filtering is a packet filter like you can find in some routers.
    Unfortunately, there is no application attached to packets, so packet filters can't apply a rule only for an application.
    In Look 'n' Stop you just have a facility to enable the rule when needed which is better than to let the rule always active even if the main application requesting it is not connected.

    Note that for Server rules, only the server application will use the rule since it is not possible that 2 servers application wait on the same port.

    For client applications, you need to work at the application filtering level if you want to restrict the ports.

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