Look ‘n’ Stop – What? Where? v1.1 (NEW)

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    Re:Look ?n? Stop ? What? Where? v1.1 (NEW)

    I think this kind of info is long overdue. At last a clear reference point for trying to describe which box we put what data.

    First draft and you did invite comments/criticism so here goes..

    1. I would number or label each screenshot/example, easy to refer to in replies/questions when they look so similar.

    2. Bigger gap or line below text to keep text relevant to nearest picture.

    3. For the final two screenshots (4 and 5?) I would provide another picture with them both side-by-side (much smaller size) so we can compare them easier without scrolling up/down so much. It took me a while to keep in mind which bit of text was describing which picture.
    Put a simple heading under each one (TO internet, FROM internet: or INBOUND/OUTBOUND). This would keep inline with our two main thoughts about firewalls, is it either In/Out traffic and shall I Stop/Allow?

    Please feel free to put more examples together, it's a hell of a lot easier to see than read!

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    Hey Felicity

    No that’s perfectly alright Felicity, that’s what I would have liked to hear from anyone, you absolutely right on all accounts. I’ve created & released that to the public around March 22nd elsewhere, 1st timer for creating a Compiled HTML Help file so all the Suggestions/Comments you or anyone could give would be more then appreciated! Thanks!

    I will make modifications on behalf of your Comments/Suggestions and release it to the Public, at the moment I’m currently working on an Alternative Look ‘n’ Stop website. ;)
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