LnS doesn't recognize my NICs; says not connected (

Discussion in 'LnS English Forum' started by manuangi, Nov 4, 2004.

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  1. Climenole

    Climenole Look 'n' Stop Expert

    Jun 3, 2005
    Buon Giorno Angelica :-D

    Did your PC is still "clean" ? :-D

    Your PC may have some problems related to security issues not related to L'n'S.

    Why not checking this just in case?
    This can fix the problem OR at least
    reduced the number of possibilities...

    The majority of WinSocks problem encountered comes from
    WinSocks hijack by malwares...

    The way you try to fix the problem is an example of common
    pitfalls in troubleshooting: jumped to a conclusion and lack
    of flexibility...

    Launching Winsockfix 1000 times never fix this problem.
    IF the cause is a malware this malware will reinstall the
    same winsocks HJ ... Right ?

    See the sequence ?
    malware -> winsocks hj -> you run winsockfix -> malware HJ again ->
    you run winsockfiz -> ...

    It's time to get out this infinite loop and try somethinmgs else.

    Think about that.

    Nice day.
  2. Frederic

    Frederic LnS Developer

    Jan 9, 2003
    This sounds normal to me. Re-installing over an installed version doesn't change at all the network settings.
    What it strange is this had worked several times before.

    One advice: when you uninstall + re-install, do a reboot between teh two operations to avoid additional issues.

    About testing Winsockfix on a test computer, last time I did this kind of test -it was for TotalUninstall), I needed to re-install completely the test computer :(
    So, I will do that when I will really have some time ;)

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