List of Dedicated Anti Trojan Products

Discussion in 'other anti-trojan software' started by StevieO, Aug 28, 2005.

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  1. Don Pelotas

    Don Pelotas Registered Member

    Jun 29, 2004
    That's because you look too much at the brochure, all of them whether it be AV/AT/AS claim to detect almost all types, but it doesn't mean they are strong in all of them.

    Allow me to turn everything around. Lets say Lavesoft published a test they made, the test consist of 86% adware/spyware, as expected Ad-Aware detects all 6000 samples, Spy Sweeper, CounterSpy and Spybot detects between 3500-5300, A2 on the other hand comes in at a pityfull 326 detections. Now don't tell me that you as an A2 reseller (no offense intended) will say that this is a meaningfull/credible test?

    A nice idea, but probably a completely impossible task, just the shear scale of testing 30-50 different products in a credible testsetup with regular intervals, which the participants can all agree upon.
    You are correct in thinking that at least detectionwise it is as good or better than most of them, but of course not everyone will agree with this and the best of them can certainly add a efficient second layer.
    Ha, ha, no i would never do that, because of all the c*** we would have to put up with and if we would it correctly, then we would have time for nothing else in our privatelife, but thanks for asking.:)
  2. tuatara

    tuatara Registered Member

    Apr 7, 2004
    This is exactly what a mean, and for the record i am also a Adaware reseller, but no offence taken.

    And i am not negative about Adaware, this is one of my most recommended
    products (like Spybot Search and Destroy etc. etc.)

    That is why i wrote that these tests would be more usefull if they
    would write how many spywares , how many virusses , how many trojans etc. it found.

    At least you could compare the products per item.

    In that scenario it would proof just what you say, in your example in the quote above.
    On that i agree with you 100% , the only different opinion we have
    if Emsisoft has the right to test this way.

    Let me put it in other words, i think they have, just as Lavasoft
    has the right to compare it the way you wrote:

    And the reason is , on what they write in the brochure , like you've mentioned.

    If any company makes these kind of claims,
    they mustn't be suprised if they are tested on those criterea.
  3. xxxxx

    xxxxx Guest

    should put KAV in there, given that it's better than most "dedicated AT" products
  4. Rivalen

    Rivalen Registered Member

    Oct 18, 2005
    Add DefenseWall HIPS 1,0[Sandbox] to the list.

    Price is very attractive since you dont need to pay yearly for lincence to get new updated sign-files - no sig-files needed.

    Seems to be a really awesome product.

    Best Regards
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  5. hypersteroid2ooo

    hypersteroid2ooo Registered Member

    Dec 16, 2005

    HI, I am new in this forum. Actually I am very interested in anti trojan software that you listed. These product are my own experience Initially I posted this message to Paul since I have the difficulties in login.

    A cople months a go I personally held a security test. This test is actually instigated by my curiosity since I heard a lot of hoaxes form the commercial web pages. I let my self open from the attact so I know how these securities work. So, I decided to run a security test by my self by utillising a wild trojan, worm, virusses and spy wares that I got from the following sites:

    Edit: Links removed to conform to TOS.
    Please do not post links to trojans, virus or other malware. CrazyM

    These sites are a real trojan sites. For number 1. It provides bites like security serial number and etc. The truth is, once you click of any item the trojan files directly installed to your computer
    For number 2 is a porn sites based. This sites is quite tricky. It only spread its malware for the first time but periodically it releases its trojan files. For number three, its an education sites back ground

    Number1& 2 is a downldr trojan and number 3 is a back door attacker. The first section I used number 3 to test many types firewalls. only a couple firewalls that passed this test namely zone alrm . version6, look'n'stop v 205, outpost pro 3, kerio 4.2 version, Visnetic version. Off the remaining like Sygate and Tiny is very make me disappointing. It could not detect anything whereas the 5 previous Firewalls can alert you on the outgoing connection.

    The second section I used to test Number1&2 for virus, spywares and trojan( which is the most difficult one). Sites number2 will installed 1 main trojan files 3 worms 1 dialler and many spyware files. Moreover, sites number 2 is just like a hungry trojan that never let its prey escaped. the trojan file is simultaneously installed to your computer.

    From many antiviruses I tried only a small part can pass the test
    Dr We can Detect but not removed spy wares files
    Mc Afee can detect all worms and viruses but fail to recognise the 1spyware file and left many tracking cookies files
    Norton fail to detect 1 worm. This is also followed by G data which made me shocked. F secure, Bit Def, command, Avira, AVG with its silly routine down load, avast and many others can be considered as a mediocre antiviruses.

    The best antivirusses in its category are Kaspersky (detect all and fail to remove 1 trojan from number2 trojan), Nod 32( detect all fail to remove the main trojan file number 2). I am very pleased with NOD because even it is a small antivirus program but actually it is a firm program. it detected and removed all even most of the spy wares file. In other words, it is actually go beyond its class capacity. hence, from the economic point of view, it is a lot cheaper than Kaspersky. Overall, these 2 securities are GOOD

    At the moment I crave for anti trojan products that can satisfy my wants because the trojan files are remain in my computer. (c/win 32 boobax. c/ win 32 zlt). Trojan hunter can detect but it didn't remove these files clearly to the root in fact some of the trojan file infects trojan hunter prog. a squared is better than trojan hunter. it fail to remove but once any of the infected files are running & try to quitely spread infection it does detect. apart of Bo clean or TDS which one of trojan products can eradicate these trojan fileso_O?. I dont want to reinstalled my computer. I want to see which antitrojan product is better.
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  6. StevieO

    StevieO Guest

  7. No User Name

    No User Name Registered Member

    Feb 28, 2006
    I would like to thank you for compilig this long list. May I suggest that you type freeware, shareware, etc. next to each one so freeloaders or paying softwaware subscribers and those of us who are both can easily find exactly what we are looking for. :D
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