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Discussion in 'other anti-virus software' started by Oximoronman, Oct 11, 2016.

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    I am just going to hop in and throw my 2 cents into the ring:

    Yes malware may be a lot worse then it was in the 90's but security vendors still have to start somewhere. Innovation would cease if we decided that the vendors that have been around since the 90's are the only option because they have had time to get proven and tested so we're safer.

    I have been on Wilders for a short while now (not as long as Bellgamin) and I have seen so many independent vendors come here and start to use their skill to help innovate in the digital security era. Sure not all of them have formal training but then again when you look at it you still have to start somewhere. It's better they are starting out on our side rather then as a black hat because I am sure they would have no problem taking someone without formal education.

    When I first joined Wilders I did not have any formal training, in fact I still am two years away from getting my degree in with a data security emphasis, but by coming here at Wilders you can learn so much. I believe this is one of the few public places left on the web to foster innovation among young security researchers that they can get input from respected security researchers.

    No i would not put skyshield with a user who is malware prone, but look at this way they created a cloud av based off of ClamAv that they potential we never know where the next innovation in digital security will happen so we must encourage others to help in the fight against malware
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    I totally agree, especially when it comes to new and unknown AV's, I would advice people to be wary.

    Even if you're experienced it hardly makes any sense to try the new kid on the block. It isn't that easy to make an effective AV, so those new AV's will for sure not outperform the known and trusted onces. But for you it's more of a hobby.

    LOL, good one.
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