Lavasoft’s Rapid Response Update to VX2

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    Thanks Corrine For The Info

    Press release here:
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    Our Latest Offering

    Project ECO gives you the VX2 Cleaner V2 Beta

    Project ECO, which aims to evolve our environment towards safer computing, gives you an updated version of the Lavasoft VX2 Cleaner, a plug-in to Ad-Aware SE and downloadable at our site free of charge.

    Background Information

    Rapid Response to the Menace

    After a comprehensive research completed by our dedicated Lavasoft R&D team, we are pleased to announce a breakthrough solution. Lavasoft is the first antispyware vendor to successfully react on the problem by releasing an effective tool to clean Nail.exe and DrPmon.dll from your computer

    Lavasoft's rapid response to this menace shows our genuine commitment to our corporate mission--to protect users' privacy against intrusive privacy threats.

    What is VX2?

    VX2 is one of the most difficult applications to remove from your computer. It is also one of the most problematic since many strains are capable of not only causing aggressive advertisements on user screens but also tracking user surfing habits for profiling purposes. This Malware is constantly evolving, and while Lavasoft's Ad-Aware SE is able to detect and remove many of the existing VX2 strains, some users have lately experienced difficult variants such as Nail.exe and DrPmon.dll, which the current version of Ad-Aware SE is unable to remove completely.

    Does your computer have VX2? Find out.
    1) Start Ad-Aware SE and run a scan.
    2) After the scan is complete, view the scan log. If "VX2" is listed in the scan results, one of the VX2 variants is installed on your computer.

    Installing VX2 Cleaner 2.0 Beta
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