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Discussion in 'other anti-virus software' started by FOXP2, Jun 3, 2014.

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    Going off-thread to address @Windows_Security postings regarding Companion and ad-blocking. Further ad-blocking discussion should remain in other areas. Please.

    Thanks for the link to that thread; if I ever noticed it last year, I forgot all about it. I wonder why it wasn't merged here when my measly three Lavasoft release announcement and one one product announcement here became "too many" according to one post by one member? (Actually, I don't wonder about it at all.)

    Anyhow, according to LinkedIn, Nigel Shaw is now CTO of another company. And there ain't too much Ad-Aware AdBlocker to be found Bingoogling about.

    IMHO, based on Shaw's post #29, I'm thinking the element hiding/URL filtering strategy of a stand-alone solution for all running Web processes was overkill and a task too daunting to implement across all of Windows' versions under LSP. Or maybe Lavasoft was crushed by the venom spewed by the Wilders "experts" slamming the issues presented in an ALPHA (!) release. Yeah, that must be it. :rolleyes:

    On the other hand, Companion uses a TCP service, local proxy server (Windows friendly) and malware/phishing only blacklists. So, maybe something like EasyList could no doubt be integrated. That's not its purpose.

    Is ad blocking needed in anything but the browser? Adblock Plus has that pretty much wrapped up and the community's efforts at list subscriptions is stellar. Anyone building an Internet app susceptible to ad displays and not including ABP (or ABP-clone) support shouldn't be building Internet apps.

    As well Teh Intawebz thrives on ads and it's fortunate in that respect blocking remains in the domain of the technically savvy (tho simple that is it). Building element hiding rules is icing on the cake; I've whipped up 47 myself. Besides, anyone not knowing how to block ads deserves 'em.

    Lavasoft really needs to retire the Ad-Aware branding.

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    Posted recently in the Lavasoft by a forum moderator:
    "Web Companion to provide our users which is coming very soon!"

    So much for my rambling in post #52. :ouch:

    I'll have to fire up my test system to see if it's been implemented yet.
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    Version 11.5.0000.0 changes:
    - Improvements to the UI
    - Revamped Accessibility to the support and notification center
    - Stop & Start Ad-Aware service from the tray menu
    - Performance Improvements
    - Minor Bug Fixes
    - Other general improvements

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    In clicking on a link in a news aggregator site, I got a popup that a process was killed and my browser window closed. Browser is Cyberfox portable X64.

    Saved by AVC!

    Upon brief investigation (not to be construed as categorical forensics), the otherwise legitimate domain redirected to one that whois'd in Suzhoushi, IP to Changde, China.

    NOTE: "Computer at risk" state is that I haven't yet updated to v11.5 from 11.4 yet (to be done Saturday or Sunday, whichever comes first).

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    Forgot to mention: The news links were related to significant breaking news, about 2-hours old, and the site belonged to an independent news station in the small municipality where the event was occurring. A "zero-zero-day" drive-by exploit.

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