Laptop -> desktop conversion, black and white wires do what?

Discussion in 'hardware' started by Gullible Jones, Apr 7, 2012.

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  1. The screen on my laptop (an Acer Aspire 3680) recently went kaput. Fortunately I know the rest of the laptop works fine, so I'm attempting to convert it into a compact, low-end desktop with a battery backup. With the VGA out hooked up to a desktop monitor, I should (hopefully) be golden.

    However, I'm having trouble removing the dead laptop screen entirely. On the left side, there's a cluster of wires going from the monitor to a connector of some sort, apparently the video output for the screen. However, on the right side, there are two wires - one black, one white - going from the screen to somewhere very deep in the laptop chassis, where I can't reach without disassembling the whole thing.

    In the screen part of the laptop, the wires wires loop around (clockwise for the white, counterclockwise for the black) and eventually disappear into the top of the LCD display proper.

    Since there is no obvious way to disconnect these wires, and having the dead screen still attached to my newly repurposed laptop is not so great, I'd be grateful if anyone could give me a hint

    a) What these wires are for

    b) What I can do about them without making the repurposed laptop unbootable or otherwise nonfunctional

    Thanks in advance!
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    Power cables to the inverter.
    Should be a connector to a circuit board under the actual display - you will need to take the front trim off the screen to get to this normally.

    Edit: search youtube for your laptop, there are a few disassembly guides.

    Cheers, Nick
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  3. Thanks!

    Edit: wires are now clipped and capped, and the ex-laptop is a fully functioning desktop. It works fine. :)
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