L&S troubles under winXP SP2

Discussion in 'LnS English Forum' started by Aknod, Dec 6, 2005.

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  1. Aknod

    Aknod Guest

    I had been using L&S 2.05p2 on winXP SP1 for 4 month and had no problems. Now I'm trying to use it under winXP SP2 and have several troubles.

    * 1-2 minutes after startup: immediate reboot (L&S starts with the system)
    This problem repeates on after each startup. Has someone encounted with it?
    -- Now I'm obliged keep L&S shut down and stay exposed to possible intrusion. Please, help me with an advice or a link to the patch. It would be pity to refuse such powerfull tool like L&S just because of one annoying bug.

    * When I try to block 'svchost.exe' from listening tcp:445 in the application filtering panel, immediate reboot occures just after the OK button is pressed :) I just write '!445', then commit and have a RESET effect. Purposely, I have checked this trouble for several times and in each case the effect was the same. By the way, this problem is also noticed in SP1.
    -- The trouble is not critical for me and could be avoided by filtering tcp:445 on the level of network.
  2. Marine06

    Marine06 Registered Member

    Jan 5, 2004
    I would uninstall L&S and then obtain all the security updates for SP2. After that, disable windows firewall and reinstall L&S. Do you still get the errors?

    The second "issue" seems to be with regards to automatic updates. I believe by disabling automatic updates, you can stop svchost.exe from listening to port 445. Instead of blocking svchost (since it is a critical program for proper windows functionality), create a filter rule that only operates on port 445 and that only connects to the ip range for windowsupdate.
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