KlipFolio 2.6 Updated August 20, 2004

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  1. the mul

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    Jul 31, 2003
    KlipFolio 2.6
    Updated August 20, 2004

    New Features for Users

    Support for a new generation of Klips that go way beyond simply showing headlines, weather, stocks, auctions and more... Klips can now be built to use powerful TCP/IP protocols such as POP3 and Jabber!
    New mini-Toolbar mode ("Collapse Toolbar" on main context menu)
    Now move the toolbar without moving Klips by using the "alt" key
    Developer sub-menu in Klips menu
    View Source command in developer mode (configurable to any editor / viewer using the <viewsource> setting in preferences.xml)
    Command line parameter "/NOINSTALL" allows KlipFolio to run without being installed (assumes working directory contains myklips, etc.)
    Auto Arrange Klips context menu item for Toolbar, System Tray Icon and Klips list to arrange your Klips automatically
    All items now trigger tooltips (with or without notes)
    Firefox, Neoplanet and MyIE2 now appear in the broswer dropdown
    Tooltips for Klip icons and item count can now have newlines
    Items will now be automatically removed from Klips more appropriately
    "Delete All Items" now in toolbar menu to clear all Klips in one step.
    Banners in Klip Setup windows are now links to content sources
    Improved overall performance and stability.

    New Features for Klip Providers

    Vastly improved API documentation (now with examples)
    New robust security model prevents Klips from manipulating files and TCP connections without a valid digital signature outside of developer mode.
    New support for arbitrary HTTP protocols (such as WebDAV)
    New support for TCP connectivity (Engines.TCP)
    New helper functions for working with MIME encoded data (Engines.MIME)
    New support for working with local and UNC accessible files (Engines.File)
    Dynamic prefs are now always stored in <![CDATA[ sections, preventing whitespace collapse
    "Red mode" automatic disabling of Klips when advanced functionality is used outside of developer mode
    file:// URLs now allowed for items and buttons when in developer mode
    javascript: URLs now allowed for Klip items and Button URLs when in developer mode
    Hidden items no longer cause alerts
    Improved ATOM feed support (Blogger specifically)
    Improved RSS 2.0 feed support
    Scrollbars now only appear when necessary
    Tooltips no longer appear while cursor over scroll well
    KlipFolio will no longer steal focus from other applications
    KlipFolio starts with auto-proxy set as default
    KlipFolio will attempt to connect directly if auto-proxy fails
    Klips will now process <klipfood> tags with attributes (such as valid XML namespaces)
    Large, non-western character-based tooltips will now render more accurately and much faster
    Tabs in Preferences and Klip Setup dialogs now show focus on Windows XP
    Some keyboard navigation and focus issues in Preferences and Klip Setup dialogs corrected
    Corrected issues placing Klips to the left and above the mothership as well as near screen edges
    Many new KlipScript Component and Engine additions. See the new API docs for complete details.


Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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