Kaspersky Virus Detention / Removal Confusion?

Discussion in 'other anti-virus software' started by timnicebutdim, Feb 6, 2005.

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  1. timnicebutdim

    timnicebutdim Registered Member

    Jan 24, 2005
    Recently i had the vx2 problem which i managed to get rid of after much hard work but by that time it had downloaded loads of trojans/spyware to my system. I had tds3,nortons,adaware se,spybot search and destroy,microsoft antispyware,trojan hunter 4.1,ewido,spydocter.. clean up the rest of the mess.

    Anyhow i decided to wipe this computer anyhow since the vx2 makes a lot of strange changes to the system and i wanted to have peace of mind that everything was working fine again.

    Before wiping i wanted to test out nod32 and kaspersky so that i could change my antivirus software after a clean install.

    I really had my heart set on nod32 as the new antivirus to be using but had heard a lot about kaspersky.

    Anyhow after several days of updating , adware se, spybot, microsoft antispyware, tds3, trojanhunter 4.1, and nortons and scanning my computer each day to see if there was anything left behind ( for curiosity since i am wiping this computer soon anyhow ), all programs said my computer was clean.

    So then i disabled nortons and installed a trial version of nod32 to play around with it before wiping the computer. I made sure the heuristics and all options were set to the highest level and done a full scan of my computer.
    Nod32 said it was clean.

    I used nod32 for a couple days and really liked the interface and how fast my computer seemed after switching from nortons to nod32.

    Then i decided to uninstall nod32 and test a trail of kaspersky.

    I didnt think there would be anything found so i left the settings of kaspersky on normal and did a full scan. Really i just wanted to see how much kaspersky hog of my system resources would be... much to my surprised it found 16 trojans viruses on my system.

    I am surprised that nod32 and tds3 ( with all the highest scanning settings on ) did not find any of these.. 16 is a lot.

    I am very pleased with kaspersky as it seems the better than my other software by detecting these.

    Anyhow what confused me is how it handled the 16 trojans it found.
    I am not sure if it has deleted them all or not - this is the downside.
    It said it found 16 but reported only 6 to be disinfected - what does this mean... do i have 10 left that it could not get rid of?

    In the report under some of the trojans it said "Could not be disinfected - reason - object disinfection canceled" ?
    Also the file format of some of these were confusing ( Outlook\Personal Folders\Top of Personal Folders\Deleted Items\ ) - i cannot find that file in explorer.
    Some of the trojans were also in C:\System Volume Information\ but i cannot access that in explorer ( it says it access denied ).

    The other thing which confused me as that some files were password protected and i have never set any files to be password protected so these ones could not be scanned.

    I could not attach the scan report but you can download it from here - https://www.wilderssecurity.com/showpost.php?p=365783&postcount=10

    I know i am going to wipe this computer anyhow but id like to know if kaspersky did get rid of all the viruses rather than just 6 of the 16 it found.

    Any help appreciated.
  2. timnicebutdim

    timnicebutdim Registered Member

    Jan 24, 2005
    Sorry just realised i posted this in the wrong forums... can a mod move this over to the other / anitvirus sections please?
  3. SSK

    SSK Registered Member

    Nov 28, 2004
    Probably. You could look at the file locations and names. Search for special disinfection programs for these files, or look at the location and delete the files.

    I've read somewhere that this files structure is within the Outlook .pst folders (mail storage folders). KAV scans Outlook mailboxes on standard settings, so it looks like it picked up some nasties in your mail.

    Hmm, no idea about this.

    Correct, password protection is used by programmeers to protect their software. It is used by malware programs as well as "good" programs. You have to check what file is password protected to make a decission about deleting or not.
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