Kaspersky or Avast for Small Business Company

Discussion in 'other anti-virus software' started by samtech6548, Aug 14, 2011.

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  1. samtech6548

    samtech6548 Registered Member

    Aug 14, 2011
    We are a small business (IT Development company developing projects in asp.net,java and others) for now for 1 or 2 file servers with windows 2003 and 10-12 machines with Windows XP. Previously we have tried Kaspersky Internet security for all client machines. Then we switched to Symantec endpoint protection 12.0 for file server and workstations. But that was the worst move. I have personally tested Symantec is unable to detect even most of the viruses. I uninstalled Symantec and installed Avast on one of my client machine and it worked very well. I used avast previously as well before I purchased kaspersky but a trial one.

    Now I would like to ask which antivirus is best among kaspersky and avast (our final 2 choices) keeping in mind – they should be able to catch most of the viruses either coming through email,browsing and others plus the biggest point is they do not slow down our server and client machines as we do development on visual studio and others and its really irritating to work on slow machines.
    Here is my previous observations :
    a) Symantec is unable to find viruses though I cannot comment on resource usage though my teammates tells me it becomes slow at times. But it didn’t detect any viruses which were on my desktop for last 2 years. Maybe did I configure anything wrong but to be honest I just followed wizard while installating it. So I don’t think I did anything wrong.
    b) Kaspersky is an amazing antivirus. I have used it for all client machines. Don’t have experience with server so would like to know how easy to manage all clients through server?
    But I have found kaspersky slows down pc at times. While developers were developing on visual studio 2.0 and KIS 6.0 is on – it sometimes slows to debug even and as soon as I turned off KIS 6.0 , debugging started faster. So this is real time observation.
    c) Avast is the best software in terms of detection on client machines but don’t have any idea on server again? Please recommend which one is best ?

    The biggest disadvantage with avast which I would like to bring out to world : if you have downloaded trial version of avast , and if you didn’t register. And when 6 days are remaining of trial version : they show a popup on screen and somehow JAM your Internet. Though local area network still shows plugged in but you cannot connect to any website or outlook does not work. Then I disabled and enabled local area local network then I can browse things easily. But after again 3-4 hours , that popup came and stopped my internet. I sat down on my computer and restarted it 3-4 times and came to an observation that avast is doing this.
    I uninstalled avast and internet is working fine. Though prior to this for last 24 days , I didn’t have any problem with internet and avast – both working fine. I had same problem with this time also and 2.5 years back that’s why I chose Kaspersky because the company who is actually developing antivirus is actually doing something fishy when your trial period is towards the end.

    But I think avast didn’t slow my and developers computer that’s why I am still considering it to but licensed software.

    Please give your expertise advise on this keeping in mind above all criteria. We want protection to the fullest but system should not be slowed down. For time being I have installed Microsoft security essentials but I need to purchase this immediately in next 1 or 2 days.

  2. Cudni

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    May 24, 2009
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