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Discussion in 'malware problems & news' started by aji1217, May 9, 2004.

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  1. aji1217

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    i recently got the troj_stilen.a...a peasky little bugger....and i searched and found a solution on how to get rid of it.. maybe but ive just got a few questions..i first noticed it when i was playing a game (the only thing i was running after i started my pc) and the game minimized and a window popped up congratulating me that some toolbar had been succesfully installed ... i then noticed there were 15 open IE ad popups..not normal....plus i had software installing all on its own... not normal either...in my experiences so far ive never had software actually install itself... is this a new thing? i went to uninstall the prog and i had to reboot..lol nice.. and is the autoinstall thing related to the virus or another issue totally...and the other question is if you knew your computer and what all you ran normally, couldnt you just look in hijack this and figure out what isnt supposed to be there..just wondering.. thanks..also the google thing worked for the stuff i wasnt sure of..
    nwiz(the n is for nvidia i found out..lol)-good
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    The people here at wilders that read the HJT logs are well trained at what they do. It would be very easy to miss a baddie or delete something that could disable your computer. No it is absolutley best to let an expert look at the HJT logs and decide what is good or bad.

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    Hi aji1217, and welcome.

    It does sound like a few other things may have downloaded, so to be sure you have caught everything, I would suggest you do an on-line scan at one of these free on-line antivirus sites: Free Tools

    Then follow the instructions HERE for downloading and installing Spybot S&D and/or Ad-Aware, and HijackThis.

    Please do NOT fix anything in Hijackthis by yourself. Most of what it lists will be harmless and even essential to your computer. It is always advised that you wait until an Expert has review your log and given you detailed instructions on what may still need to be fixed or removed.



    Reference: Trendmicro - Troj_Stilen.A
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