Jetico - getting leak tests to run properly

Discussion in 'other firewalls' started by jet11, Jul 4, 2006.

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  1. jet11

    jet11 Registered Member

    Jul 4, 2006
    In my Firewall Leak Tests, Jetico failed 3 of them so far:
    Breakout (expected - also failed on the Firewall Test website)
    DNStester (expected - also failed on the Firewall Test website)
    Jumper test passed, surprisingly, since it failed on the FW Test website (how can that be?)

    The problems is with the following tests - they either don't run or don't finish running:
    CopyCat - error "couldn't find explorer"
    MBTest - no response (not completing ?)
    Outboard - no response (not completing ?)
    PCAUdit - "error 0 on step 5"
    PCFlank - says Failed, but prevented browser from openning (?)
    WallBreaker - stopped intrusion, but succeeded in allowing a scheduled task (?)

    Any ideas about what I need to do to get them to run? And are there other benchmark test tools (or websites) that I should run to ensure maximum security?

    Also, why are so many users complaining about Jetico, and having a hard time setting it up. I found it to be extremely easy and LOGICAL, and I just started using it (and I don't have a networking background). Sure there's a learning curve, but it's nowhere near the complexity of many other programs. I think its a great program, and very effective and user-friendly.
  2. Stem

    Stem Firewall Expert

    Oct 5, 2005
    Hi jet11,
    From "leaktests" against Jetico, I see various results. An example is the "DNStester" which on my setup catches this every time. Results published say this is not alway seen(stopped). I think the main problem is due to the fact that the last release of Jetico is now 12 months,.. updates to windows probably have some effect on Jetico.
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