Discussion in 'privacy problems' started by Jaco, Nov 18, 2005.

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  1. Jaco

    Jaco Guest

    Help ....Help...I have this Istsvc file on my computer and when it start up it goes to that file I tryed everything delete it ,but nothing happend that is a firus.I scaned it with Northen and it say Adware ISTbar..

    What must I doo_O
  2. Capp

    Capp Registered Member

    Oct 16, 2004
    United States
    hey Jaco,
    The ISTbar is a pain in the neck to fully get off the system.

    Here is what I recommend and has worked for me many times:

    Download and install:

    Spybot S&D & Ad-Aware
    (optional) Microsoft Anti-Spyware Beta (2000/XP Only)
    Ewido Anti-Trojan

    And make sure to update them.

    Reboot your system and run it in safe mode (hit F8 before Windows starts loading). This will keep it from loading when Windows fires up.

    Run a full system scan with all the programs above.

    Delete everything in your "Temp" folder. (go to Start | Run and type "Temp" and hit enter. Delete everything inside.

    Clear your browser chache and temporary internet files.

    That should get it off your system. If you do a scan in Normal mode, you will most likely get a message saying that it couldn't be removed and ask if you want to let it rescan after a reboot. That is up to you if you click yes or no.

    Let us know how you go and good luck :)
  3. khazars

    khazars Registered Member

    Jun 8, 2005
    Glasgow, Scotland
  4. Jaco

    Jaco Guest

    Your a Topman!!!

    Thank you. I removed the ISTbar now my computer is back to normal.

    A Happy new year!!!
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