Is anyone familiar with the 'false +' Drive Image can trigger?

Discussion in 'malware problems & news' started by sk, Jan 3, 2003.

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  1. sk

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    Nov 19, 2002
    Hi. I was wondering if anyone here is familiar with a supposed false positive 'boot sector virus' alert that Power Quest's Drive Image can trigger. I do regular image back ups using D.I. 2002. Every once in a while, I hear this 'buzzzzzzz' when the program is about to kick down into its own virtual dos/Caldera dos that it loads in order to record Windows files it couldn't while Windows is running. (We all know that drill by now, I'm sure.), and a message appears from Trend Micro alerting me that a boot sector virus has been found, and to please insert a clean bootable floppy, etc. The first time I saw it I totally freaked. First of all, I never LOADED any Trend Micro AV program and so not only was I wigged about having a boot sector virus, I was ALSO trying to figure out how the heck Trend Micro's program got onto my computer in the first place. (I concluded it must be something that came already packaged with my mobo/bios, although I don't recall seeing any mention of it in the mobo manual. However, I do recall seeing a bios configuration for AV yes, or AV no, so it must have come with the bios.). But then I read somewhere - the manual for D.I., I believe - that sometimes the process of kicking down to, and/or loading the Caldera DOS can trigger a false positive boot sector virus alert. Well, that made me feel a lot better but I'd still like to know more from members, rather than the manufacturer, what experience anyone here might have in this particular situation. Thanks.

Thread Status:
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