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Discussion in 'privacy general' started by violet1, Oct 7, 2008.

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  1. violet1

    violet1 Registered Member

    Oct 7, 2008
    I`m quite knew to this field, but I have a question regarding ip addresses.
    Is it possible to use an ip address located in a different part of the world, while you are entering a site from your own desktop computer (of course with a different ip address )in your country? A person I know has been delivering a message that she has visited a website from a ip address connected to a corporate world wide netservice, situated in another country. At the time she was back home. She probably has connections to this netservice, that means that you can use it even though you are in your home country, does it not? Can`t someone please explain this to me. I`ve heard of proxy serves, DHCP etc but since I am new to the field I need to have it explained. Be gentle! ;)

    Another question, if you have registered on a chat with a certain ip address, can you use the same ip address even though you are on your home ip address? How does this happen?

    Third, is it possible that a website have registered you on a certain time and date of joining, and the information is incorrect or is it highly unlikely that they`ve got it wrong? How does websites obtain this information? How is it possible to dobblecheck this information, that you actually were at that certain website, at that certain time?

  2. SteveTX

    SteveTX Registered Member

    Mar 27, 2007
    1. Yes, it is possible to pick the country. What country did you have in mind?
    A free service like tor can let you pick the country if you are technologically advanced, are not transferring sensitive information like logins or passwords, and don't mind it being very slow and unreliable. Some paid services have great solutions that are so fast you won't even notice they are running.

    2. What is "registered on a chat" ? Why do you need the same IP address? Answers may help me solve the problem.

    3. It all depends if the website keeps logs. If they don't want you to know, there is no way you can know, pretty much.

    Violet, it sounds like you have some specific problems where you are either trying to appear to be something different to a website, or you are trying to figure out if someone has done that to a website. There are specific solutions to each of these problem. Can you tell me any more? You can private message me if the information is sensitive.
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